Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Statement Heels from Topshop Unique

After much debating (with myself), I finally decide that when Topshop get stock of their gorgeous Unique statement heels, I'm going to buy a pair. I saw them months ago on a blog and they immediately sparked my interest. I have more recently seen them in Cosmo and Look and once more drooled over the angular heel and told myself I have nothing like it in my shoe collection and need them now!When you're not working and bringing in a wage, plus already own around 200 pairs of shoes, decisions like these are not to be taken lightly though. £100 is still a lot of money to me. However my excitement was short-lived as Topshop got the lilac (£90, sizes 38, 39, 41) and black court versions a couple of days ago on their site. The black must have sold out very quickly, as a few hours later it disappeared completely. Even although I had already decided that this style wasn't the one I was after, (I really want the shoe-boot), I was still disappointed as that may have been the only stock they were getting online. One blog mentioned that all (court, boots, slingback) styles were available online a few days ago, so I guess they must have sold out of them before I even saw them. However, I've been checking the site several times a day and this morning they had the black ankle size had already sold out (gah!). At the time of writing this, there is a 39 left. There is also a really cute slingback style available in grey (£100, size 39) or lilac (£100, sizes 36-40), but I'm still hanging out for the boot.
I don't know if my nearest Topshop will get these in and it's times like this that I really hate not being able to just jump on a bus and go and check! I notice some 'lovely' sellers at eBay have already snapped up several pairs and added another £50 to the the rrp for the starting price, so I won't be buying mine there. I had come around to the idea that these would be mine, but obviously lots more people out there want them too! Here's some pics of them, from the Topshop site and scanned from my magazine. I also really like the frilled Emma Cook shoes. How beautiful are they? Very catwalk looking, if I had the money I'd have them too, but have to limit myself to the one pair just now....if I ever get them! The boots I like also come in electric blue, I'll try and scan an image of them too at some point. *updated with new images below, all clickable to enlarge*

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