Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Primark/New Look/H&M Trip

Hello, wie gehts? I postponed yesterdays shopping trip until today (had to wait for a delivery y'day) and it wasn't entirely successful.

The Primark shop layout has changed yet again and there's even less space for dresses. No sign of pretty, floral shift (I may die before the search is over!), but oodles of studded sandals from last season! I did pick up a few dresses, but didn't have the energy to try them on, so will report back when I have done so. Nothing much exciting though, no accessories or jackets/coats jumping out at me.

New Look, I had a quick run in to see the shoes. They had the cork spotty courts in black or pink. They also had a few pairs of Limited Edition styles including lovely pink suede pointed courts. I tried them on though and they didn't look as exciting (too much toe cleavage-my sister would say). It was mega busy, so we didn't bother going downstairs to check out the clothes.

H&M, bleh, no clothes stood out to me, other than the cutest Hello Kitty the baby department (doubt I'd fit them). I did spend a small fortune on hair accessories from the childrens dept for myself. I got Hello Kitty clasps, hairbands, PowerPuff Girls clasps, plastic bow hairbands and tonnes more floral and cute clasps. I also got several things for my ickle baby sister, who is celebrating her 27th birthday today-not so 'baby'.

Looking forward to a little birthday tea in the house with lots of cakes and yummy things!

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