Tuesday, 21 April 2009

MU haul V-Sculpt

magic makeup haulI treated myself to some makeup last week. It's been a while since I've bought any (other than the recent mac collections). There was a time when a little parcel of cosmetics popped through the door almost every day! In a bid to help my skin though and due to the fact that I have more makeup than any one person could ever need in a lifetime, I've been cutting down. Magic Makeup was an old haunt of mine and I was keen to try the new dVb range they had in stock. Fronted by Victoria Beckham, the range called 'V-Sculpt' was launched a couple of years ago and mainly available in Japan. Magic Makeup have very limited stock and almost all the lipglosses had gone in the first day or two. The prices are dirt-cheap, so I bought a selection to try and see what it's like. I've taken pictures for you and reviewed some of them, but please note that I haven't yet had the chance to really try out the products. I have only roughly swatched (sorry no pics) and tested them out.
victoria beckham dvb v-sculptMy main issue with this range is that the powders (blush, eyeshadow and highlighters), come in magnetic trays and are supposed to be sold alongside an empty compact so you can pick the shades you like and make your own palette. However MM don't sell the compact so the powders just come in a cardboard box with clear slide-along lid over the top of the pan. Not a huge problem, but I would've preferred having the choice to buy the compact. There are 2 shades of blush (I think there was perhaps another shade that MM don't sell), several shades of eyeshadow and highlighters, lipgloss and lip pencils. Apparently there are mascaras in the range although MM don't stock them.
vsculpt lipliner coolLipliner £1.94 in Cool, a pale pinky neutral that will go with anything. The pencil is quite soft and comes with a brush at one end.
vsculpt lipgloss glamLipgloss £1.94 in Glam. Quite a weighty nude but not completely 'brown' if that makes sense. A wand applicator with brush (like Bourjois), I wish I had had the chance to try the other lighter pinks, peach and nudes before they sold out.
vsculpt eyeshadow in airy and illusionEyeshadow £1.71 in Airy (pale blue) and Illusion (pale, minty green). These are really pearly with a terrific sheen, not intense in colour. I think they are lovely for spring/summery makeup, but if you are looking for bold colour pay-off don't buy these. The other shades are colours I don't really wear so I passed on them, but I would've liked more colours like turquoise and purples. Very soft powder.
vsculpt blush in radiance and enchantingBlush £2.45 in Radiance (berry pink) and Enchanting (hot coral). These are super scary in the pan, the colours look so intense and dark. However as with all the V-Sculpt powders, they are super soft and have a lovely pearly sheen, so the colour is diffused. I love blusher, so can't wait to get stuck into these, I'm sure they'll give a lovely glow.
vsculpt face in tender dreamFace £1.94 in Tender Dream (pale ivory), choose from darker shades to define and sculpt and lighter shades to highlight. I'm sure the blush are pearly enough to use without a highlighter, although I think these powders could create stunning, contouring effects alone or with another brand blush. Again, soft and shimmery...these have the dVb logo embossed into the powder.
urban decay loose pigment shatteredI would definitely give them a go, they seem like good quality and at those prices you can't really go wrong. I also got Urban Decay loose pigment in Shattered (I already have the pressed eyeshadow of this) and Joey NY CinnaMEN He's Into You lipgloss in Good Enough to Eat/Funch Break, one side is vanilla, the other cinnamon. I'm not overly keen on the gold side, but the pink looks pretty.
joey ny cinnamen lipgloss
Please click on images to enlarge, please do not take images without my permission-I leave them untagged so you can see the products better.

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