Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter from PHP

Hi, Happy Easter! I hope you have scoffed as many chocolate eggs and hot-cross buns as I have. Sorry I've neglected you all this week. My household is busy adjusting to having my Mum home all day, now that she has given up her work. We'll either end up inseperable or at each others throats! We're hoping that the constant care will help improve my M.E.; hopefully we'll get into a routine where I can regularly get out and about and in time build to a more 'normal' life for me. I'm going in search of the Primark floral shift again on Tuesday. I know that's it's probably been and gone, but I couldn't get to the store this week or last...I'm crossing my fingers there will be one in my size.

Anyway, this week I've been busy getting started on a MySpace fan page for the Harajuku Lovers fragrance. It's a competition where the winning prize will include a customized HL fragrance bottle (I'm super excited at the prospect of myself as a fragrance character). I'm hoping I'm on a lucky streak, as I just won the Shoemissy photography competition last week. Pop over to the site to see my winning image and I'll post the others I took later in the week. Once I get the MySpace page up and running, I'll let you know and if you like it, you can join my page and vote for me to win! I have tonnes of ideas, which I'm sure you'll love.
Oh, plus exciting news; it's my brithday next month and I'm finally getting a camera! No more borrowing my sisters for images for the blog. I'm hoping it will mean more pictures of my makeup stash, my shoe collection and what I've been buying for you to see.

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