Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ruffled Shoes, Ruffled Conscience

Feel incredibly guilty having just splurged on a pair of Emma Cook for Topshop frill platforms. I don't know why I feel like that, it's not like I paid by credit, I actually have the money (for once) and consider them to be worthy of that amount of cash. Whenever I have money I spend it (my mum says 'it burns a hole in your pocket!'), I'm not a saver. I think it's just that I'm more used to spending large amounts on cheaper things. Huge hauls from Primark and the like and I'm slowly trying to change my spending habits.

As you know, the shoe storage situation in my house is out of control. I sold over 40 pairs of shoes on ebay last year and you wouldn't notice any difference. My room is still overflowing with boxes of footwear. I'm trying to break that habit of going into Matalan and buying 6 pairs at a time, (sometimes) because 'oh they're only £12, can't go wrong with them'. I'm going to save up and buy really special pairs. However, I'm not saying that every expensive shoe is worth shelling out for just because it's designer. More expensive, doesn't equal better. Some of my favourite shoes are my cheapest pairs (Primark studded sandals, you know who you are!) and if I can get a designer lookalike that I love for £25 in New Look, then all the better. I just want to try and see if I can save and get something really special for my money.

However even a £2 lipgloss gets a sizeable amount of debate before I purchase. It's just the way I am. So I think it may take my brain a little longer to get used to spending this amount of money on one item, without feeling guilty!

All that aside, I have been drooling over these shoes for some time. They are incredible statement shoes. Every day I checked the Topshop site for them and the Unique 'statement heel' booties. I had actually given up and it was just by luck that I saw them yesterday. They didn't have the cream/zipper ones (which I probably would've preferred), the all-black don't stand out to me as much, so the white with black trim it was (even although I don't really 'do' white shoes). I didn't buy them straight away but decided that if they were still in stock today I'd purchase them as it was meant to be! I really hope they don't get in the ankle boots now (or at least before I get paid again), as I adore them and would wear them more. Oh well, if they do, I'll sell the Emma Cooks on ebay and buy the Unique pair!

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