Wednesday, 22 April 2009

H&M/Primark haul pics

primark dress haulI mentioned last week that I took a little trip to Primark and H&M. Remember I didn't try on any of the Primark dresses? Well, I only ended up keeping one. There was a black, floral shirt dress which wouldn't button up over my boobs, a blue smock dress with gold embroidered detail that didn't sit right, a cobalt blue tulip shaped shift which was just a little too tight and I'm really bummed about this lilac frill dress with bow detail down the front which was also too small. Sometimes it sucks having a large bust!
primark luella-ish dressI did keep this rather odd utility style, grey dress though. It has some interesting details (large voluminous pockets, bubble hem). The style of dress is very masculine for me, I usually prefer the very pretty, but I think I can maybe make it work. I also got a bright green/yellow snakeskin clutch for a fiver, overall I was really disappointed with the stock this time.
pocket detail of primark utility dressprimark snakeskin clutchH&M was another huge disappointment clothes-wise. However, I have taken images of the tonnes of accessories I bought. I expected the hairbands to be a little tight considering they are childrens, but they fit fine. My favourites are the plastic bow hairbands-I feel like a human Hello Kitty and the turquoise bow clasps are very pretty. Click on the pics to see them detailed. Oh and I should mention all of the items were either £1.50 or £1.99, very reasonable. h&m hair accessories looth&m hello kitty hairbandsh&m plastic bow hairbandsh&m selection of hair accessoriesh&m floral claspsh&m strawberry shortcake claspsh&m hello kitty claspsH&M selection of hair clasps Plus, I almost forgt about this Hello Kitty eyeshadow palette I got (£2.99). I cannot emphasise enough just how sparkly this is. It is mega glittery, I couldn't even really capture it with the camera. Of course, the glitter is only on the surface and I'm sure the colours are drab and unsparkly underneath but I couldn't resist!h&m sparkly hello kitty eyeshadow paletteh&m hello kitty eyeshadow palette

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