Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Frilling Shoes

I got the ASOS magazine in the post today and gasped aloud at these frill platforms in one of the features. I was pleasantly surprised by the price (£34.50) as I've been finding their shoe prices higher than usual lately-athough due in part to a larger range of Premium styles I think. Of course I've had two £10 off codes recently and used one last week and the other yesterday and the platforms arrived on the site today, typical! I just love the curved shape, slender heel and huge platform (btw also available in black or coral). I think I may have to break my 'don't buy lots of cheap shoes, try and save for more expensive styles' thingy, for them. I am mega excited at the prospect of my quilted booties arriving that I ordered yesterday. So Chanel and I've been patiently waiting for the price to drop, not bad for £37.

*update: ASOS parcel arrived today and the boots are adorable. They do however look tiny and it was a real struggle to get them on, so I'm going to return them for a bigger size. Later today my Topshop parcel arrived and that's a whole other story. FYI in comparison to ASOS the Topshop customer service is pretty crappy. I placed my order on Sunday and it's taken until today (Friday) to arrive. The Emma Cook shoes are just amazing though. They are a thing of beauty....until I tried to get my foot into them. IMPOSSIBLE. Seriously, not a chance. I can't even be sure if a (bigger) size 6 would fit me. The thing is when you look at them together with the ASOS pair it's hilarious, the Emma Cooks could eat the little ASOS, they are huge. Topshop offer free returns by post, yet don't seem to offer an exchange, a little odd I think. There is practically no information with your actual order, whereas ASOS are very informative and clear. They have to go back, it's just a shame I can't swap them for a bigger size (I would have to place another order, I assume). I just don't know if I want to go to that hassle when I can't even be sure the bigger size will be any better*

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