Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Dazzling Romance

Congratulations if you managed to sit through that very long (and depressing) last post. I didn't realise how much I had to say (or moan about). Anyway, yesterday I tried to be a bit chirpier and not let things get me down. It was my last dental appointment (yay!), fifty quid for root treatment and that was at NHS prices (wowza)..anyway think 'happy thoughts'. The usually pleasant receptionist then took a strop with me because she didn't know how to process my bill using the HC3 form I have (hello, not my fault), so I haven't actually paid for it yet. Then the parents of my ex-childhood-best-friend (who also happen to be my next door neighbours) were at the bus stop and her Mum was pretty mean to me. Well, not mean, just unpleasant and I was showing interest in the fact that my ex-friend had just got engaged, blah, blah, but her Mum was not forthcoming with the niceties. Then an old man, smelling of farts (totally), threw himself in the seat next to me for the ride home. Plus it was raining and windy and my pretty pin curls were straightened by the weather. Then my next Beauty Spot Cosmetics (Stila) package arrived and one of the lip items I bought had been used! Pleasant, happy thoughts...I know! LOL, I actually did remain upbeat, even through all of that.When I got home, the new MAC collections were up on the site. So I treated myself to A Rose Romance (love the colours in the image above) and Double Dazzle. I had intended on being strict with my purchases as I still have oodles of new mac items that I haven't touched yet. However, after searching through (pretty) swatches, I bought lots! No willpower! Briefly, I got Virgin Kiss l/g, Way to Love and A Rose Romance l/s's, Summer Rose Beauty Powder (the other shade is the most sheer thing you've ever seen, so avoid that). I was hugely tempted with Silverthorn e/s, but resisted. I also got some of the new Dazzleglass shades in Moth to Flame, Girls Delight, Smile and Goldyrocks. Phew!
I have to admit, I probably won't be able to post swatches and images for another couple of weeks, until I get my camera (not long to go now). BTW, when are the UK getting the Kitty Kouture stuff? I had my eye on the lipgloss (can't afford the powder), but I'm starting to think I've missed it. Is it a store exclusive or are we not getting it?

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