Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Boots/Superdrug Haul

Hi everyone, had a fabby time shopping today. I will have more pics and details for you tomorrow, but in the meantime I took these photos quickly just now. I'm really pleased with my loot.First up my Playboy cosmetics package arrived before we left this morning, so I still have that to properly look at.I went crazy with the new nail polish colours at Collection 2000, plus I picked up yet another 2 glitter eyeliners.It was 3 for 2 at GOSH and I got this gorgeous metallic eyeliner (that has better staying power than anything else known to (wo)man), nude Darling lipstick and a gorgeous nude lipgloss too. I must say I was very put off with the mucky testers and general gross-ness of the GOSH counter. It really makes me not want to buy anything when it's like that. Don't you think?
A lipstick from NYC which I tried that looks completely different swatched to in the tube. Revlon Nude Attitude matte lipstick (obsessed with nudes I know!). Lancome La Base Pro, after Lancome never got back to me about ingredients I just decided to go ahead and purchase. Estee Lauder Vanilla Truffle lipstick (...em, it's nude) and Natural Collection Fondant l/g and Apple Blossom (seriously) nude lipstick! I'll let you know all the deals and deets tomorrow.
Also popped into the Disney Store and went crazy over the new Little Mermaid stuff (got A4 notebook, stationery set (going to use the tiered box for makeup storage) and a pen set). Plus more hairbands from H&M, 2 purple Hello Kitty ones and the most amazing fuzzy (Aristocats) ears. What do I need them for?, you may ask (my sis did). They are ears people, ears! Ears with a bow! I'm going to wear them every day...proudly.Oh, anyone know how to get rid of moths? We had a scary situation with 12 flying around our bathroom last night (there was a lot of squealing, ducking and diving from me). It's not like they 'nest', so I can't understand why we had that many. I know they are attracted to light, so we always keep the bathroom door shut (from the rest of the house/lights) and obviously the light is only on when we are in it. Mothballs are sometimes lavender scented, so we used a lavender room spray and sprayed all over the bathroom curtain and generally everywhere (we were gagging, the moths were flying!) and hope this will deter them.


  1. Ooo fabulous haul! The Ariel things are so cute. I love the Playboy Beauty make-up. I have a few things from them, but i'm not keen on Playboy merchandise funny huh? lol

  2. I'm exactly the same! The merchandise can be so tacky, well I suppose it's kinda supposed to be, but the makeup is really good quality. My favourites are 'Tie Me To the Bedpost' blush and 'Muse' Stiletto lipstick. I've been busy swatching today, so there will be pics soon. (LOVE Ariel, so was super excited by the new revamped images of her) Thanks for your comment : )


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