Monday, 3 August 2009

Swatches: NYX Goddess of the Night Lipgloss

NYX (pronounced 'nix' rather than spelt out) are a super cheap American brand who boast a huge portfolio of shades. Their highly pigmented colours and decent quality have made them a much sought after brand. In the UK, you can purchase their products online at FragranceDirect. Lipstick swatches to follow later in the week.
Today I'll be showing you the Goddess of the Night lipgloss, which I'm assuming is called that because the Greek goddess NYX, was the goddess of the night (full of fascinating info aren't I?). This gloss comes in an oblong tube with large, curved sponge applicator. I found the few shades I own, very pigmented. You definitely get the colour you see in the tube. '122 Natural' contains no shimmer. Click pics to enlarge and do not steal images. (104 Sweet Heart. 112 Frosteed Beige, 121 Vanilla, 117 Chestnut, 122 Natural, 125 Iced Latte, 108 Desert).


  1. Ooo desert is gorgeous. You should do a LOTD with it. :)


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