Thursday, 13 August 2009

Ah-May-Zing Faith Laccey!

(In sing-songy voice) Look what arrived new Faith Laccey boots! I'm so excited, I'm squealing! Aren't they pretty? Well, maybe they are too tough to be pretty, what's a good name for a tough/pretty? Rugged? Don't they look rugged? Lol, I don't know how I'll stop myself from wearing these everyday in The Shoe Girl Diaries, ahh, so difficult! They are lighter in real life (than in the Faith pic) and the platform is much bigger than I expected. I'm really pleased that Faith are revamping their site and will be including 360 degree views of their shoes, which is so important when purchasing online. At the moment their pictures/info can be quite poor and I'm often surprised by what some items look like in real life after seeing them online. Anyway, let's continue to marvel at how amazing my shoes are...!

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