Friday, 7 August 2009

MAC Haul: Graphic Garden and One-Off e/s

I'm feeling a bit yucky today, but here's a quick look at my MAC haul. I still have more detailed images of the lip products including swatches with my other recent nude lip buys to come.

MAC Graphic Garden eyeshadow palette: I think I have the shade names in the correct order. It may seem strange that they greyish silver is Linear Lilac, while the lilac shade is Wild Wisteria. However I've checked the few face charts there are for this collecton and Wild Wisteria appears to be the lilac one. The black e/s (Graphic Garden) actually has pink and purple glitter through it, which didn't really show in the images. When you tilt the palette the lid changes from the monochrome floral print to the mac logo, cool huh?Lip Bag: Summer Crop includes Summer Crop lipglass and Semi Annual and Garden Bed lipsticks (don't you love how the print continues, even inside the box?).Finally One-Off eyeshadow from Love That Look.Click to enlarge, do not steal images and more to come soon!

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