Thursday, 13 August 2009

Ruffles in Red

A couple of days ago, I noticed Matalan put my much loved ruffle shoes (£18) on their a new colour! I've told anyone who'll listen that I want these in every possible shade (already got orange, black and purple), but I hesitated with ordering them right away. They were red and as much as I have a weakness for red, shiny shoes or handbags (my Mum's the same), with pink hair I can't really wear that colour these days. I'm not planning a trip to Matalan anytime soon so I don't know how red or pinky they are in real life (I'm hoping the latter). The shoes disappeared from the site yesterday (all sizes were there in the morning, then gone by later in the day), so in the words of One Republic, 'it's too late' anyway. Hopefully next time I'm through they'll have them (they never got the purple though) and I'll be able to see for myself.
They also have a few new pairs of autumn shoes. Lace up shoe-boots with bronze piping £18 and buckle, peep toe ankle boots £18.

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