Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Dorothy Perkins Haul

Dorothy Perkins have made final reductions to their sale items and have also added new lines. So I buckled at the weekend and placed another order.I was actually really hoping these trousers would be in the sale and they hadn't been until last week. I've been looking for a pair of peg leg trousers for ages and the shape of these look good in the picture. I rarely wear trousers though and don't know if these will suit my shape, so I may look ridiculous! £15 reduced from £28.I instantly fell for this print, but thought £40 was a bit steep for (yet another) floral dress. It's now in the sale too, at £25.Then I spotted these gorgeous new clutch bags, in black, purple or red. Suede, fully lined in a fold over style. The main attraction though is the huge tassle, I love tassles. It looks so luxurious and yet is only £20. So I decided to order the purple, as a change from black.I also used codes PIGSBACK for 10% off and WELFREE09 for free standard delivery, so I saved an extra £10 (technically getting the bag half price!). I don't know when these codes expire.

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