Saturday, 1 August 2009

Shoes in the Nude

Oh how I love these gorgeous shoes! I saw them months ago in a magazine and have been checking the River Island website every so often and last week, there they were. I love the contrast of pretty detailing on the cuff section and chunky platform, peep toe front. Unfortunately I can't justify spending £84.99 on yet another pair of shoes, so they will be going on my wishlist! Also available in hot orange. Plus I don't know why I haven't bought these shoes yet (below), £79.99. I look at them every time I pass River Island. The strapping detail and contrasting colours are right up my street and now they come in purple and black too!


  1. i LOVE the first shoes.. they are on my wishlist too, quite expensive for river island but they are just too cute!

  2. Hi Becky, they are aren't they? I always think the shoes in RI are beautiful, but do find them on the expensive side. The more I look at that image though, the more I love them. Thanks for commenting : )


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