Wednesday, 5 August 2009

LOTD Challenge Day 19

A quick lip today, sorry (see The Shoe Girl Diaries for more details). I'm not actually keen on this gloss, it's too frosty for my liking, looks a bit cheap on me. I am uncontrollably excited about my MAC order that I placed last night. Funds are super tight, but upon closer inspection the eyeshadows from Love That Look were looking super delicious. I stayed strong though and just bought One-Off (I already have Smoke & Diamonds). My other choices would have been Strike A Pose, Fashion and Fashion groupie. I also said 'no' to Roman Holiday, hopefully I can swap for it or buy it later (£14 is a lot for a gloss, when I already have tonnes). I also got Graphic Garden e/s palette and Summer Crop Lip Bag, both containing the most beautiful colours ever, whoop, whoop! What about you, will you be placing an order?

Playboy Beauty Liquid Luxe in 80 Shot Girl

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