Monday, 22 November 2010

H&M Lanvin Tomorrow!!

I'm trying to find out which UK H&M stores will carry Lanvin, but keep being led to this link which is of no help at all. I reckon I should be seeing something regarding the stores along the bottom of the screen, but all I can see is a white gap. It's really annoying! I'm using Internet Explorer, so is it just that, can anyone else see it? I've tried changing the zoom level but that doesn't help (and it doesn't move up or down). I'll maybe have to try on my sisters laptop tonight which has a bigger screen and she uses firefox.
I don't know why I'm stressing, it's not like I have any money to buy any of it anyway...but I really wanted to try and get something ; )


  1. Hi,
    just had a look for you and there are hardly any stores:
    London (Various)
    Hope this helps :0) X

  2. I don't know if you guys have the same commercial in the UK...but the bit with the 3 ladies in the yellow dress freaks me out, specially that old woman + the music hahaha don't know why, but it's just....weird....LOL!

    Anyway, I don't like any of the pieces so I won't be stalking the site :)

  3. Thanks honey, oh that's crap. I'd have to leave now to get to Glasgow for early tomorrow! *May* have to battle online!

    Marlein, yeah I found the video really funny, a bunch of crazies fighting for a dress!!

  4. The only thing from the H&M Lanvin range I've seen, which has floated my boat, are a pair of sunglasses.

    Good Luck trying to purchase something.:)

  5. I got excited about this aswell until I actually realised that I don't like any of it, particularly, save the frothy red and black dresses ( and really, I might look a little bit ridiculous going about Dundee in one!) A couple of the shoes quite nice too but saved a packet by the realisation that I was only going for the label. Much rather have something I really like! Good luck online, it's maily sold out already! xxx

  6. Yeah I found that the pieces I liked were sold out when i got onto the website - boooo!
    But i guess that's saved me some xmas money ;)

  7. antigone-I noticed the sunglasses for a ridiculous price on ebay. £130 or something.

    Yeah I just have to look at it like I've saved money! I have nowhere to wear that tulle dress, as much as I'd love to wear it every day!


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