Sunday, 7 November 2010

Barry M Haul

So here's my discount Barry M online haul. I'm really pleased with the colours I picked-the Lip Paints are mostly shades I can never find instore, so I'm happy to finally own them.
I was a little annoyed that I'm missing one lipstick-it had an 'x' next to it on the invoice but no explanation. It is still in stock online and I have been charged for it (and they only took the money out of my account upon dispatch, so they knew thee were charging me for something I wasn't receiving). I've emailed them, but have yet to hear back from them. I hope they send it out at a later date, because again it was a colour I can't get.

The Lip Paint colours are 92 Chestnut Red-another dark lippie I'm going to love. 147 Peachy Pink which I know a lot of people like, I'm just not sure if it will be too peachy for my liking. Finally the new shade 150 Pink Suede, gorgeous browny nude. Unfortunately it was too dark for swatch images, but I'll try and update next week. *update: see swatches here*
66 Matt White Nail Paint for using with my Instant Nail Effects.
The blush brush, which I've always thought was really soft, but been wary of buying instore because you don't know what grubby 12 year olds hands have been all over it!


  1. peachy pink looks gorgeous! can u please swatch it :)?

  2. Updated with swatches now-your wish is my command ; )


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