Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Seeing Summer

You may recall I was more than a little obsessed with sunglasses last year. I did get my wear out of them all (I actually bought more than was shown in that post) and considering the majority were cheap Primark purchases, I did pretty well! ASOS have been adding some amazing styles recently, I've been keeping a close eye on them.  There's some fantastic shapes and styles and I'm seriously lusting after them...even if I could get 6 Primark pairs for the price of one!

This is my shortlist, my absolute favourites;

ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses With Contrast Highbrow £12.  I absolutely love the elegant shape of these frames.  Gawgeous!
ASOS Tort Cat Eye Sunglasses £12 a slightly softer version of the Alexander Wang/Linda Farrow shades, also available in plain black.
Mango Barbados Sunglasses £23, this pair are quite pricey (by Primark standards), but they're a modern and classic all rolled into one-very simple and I love them.
ASOS Half Rim Sunglasses £10, I had slightly similar ones last year, although they weren't transparent, so these would be last on my list, but they're still very pretty.
ASOS Cat Eye with Cut Away Detail £15, these are my absolute must-haves.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking? The car print Primark outfit I posted last week with these shades? It's complete Prada on the high-street and  these are definitely top of my list.
ASOS Cat Eye with Extreme Highbrow £15, this pair are new in and I'm not convinced they would look good on me, I would have to try them first, but they're retro and quirky and I like.
Finally, I gasped out loud when I saw these hit ASOS, the gorgeous Prada Minima Baroque Sunglasses £215, I wanted last year!!  They are glorious and now I have Prada glasses, I need Prada sunglasses, no? Loooove them! Need them.  Can't afford them!


  1. I love the first and fifth pair best! May have to invest x

  2. Wow great choices! I love numbers 1, 3 and 4. I got some similar to number 4 in the sales before Christmas, they are just waiting to be worn! Wish the sun would come out a bit more in this bloody country! :)


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