Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tidying Up

I've been in the mood for tidying up, which doesn't happen often I might add (love cleaning, hate tidying), however I've managed to throw out two very large bags of rubbish from my room and am starting on little things that have been niggling at me. My foundation drawer is one. I have these plastic towers with drawers for the majority of my makeup and although aesthetically, they're not very exciting to look at, they do the job of keeping everything stored neatly and out of the way. My foundation drawer is the only one that gets mucky really, from foundation covered fingertips and loose powder spillage, so I wanted to clean it and clear out the crap.

In this drawer, I keep my foundation (obv), concealer, some bronzer (which if I'm totally honest I never use now), powder, primers and that's about it. I try to keep it relatively neat, but I've bought several new things that are chucked on top, so this is what it looked like.
Top 'layer' and below that...
these drawers are really deep, it's quite surprising all what you can fit inside...
as you can see here, when it's all set out. Ridiculous.  
and close-ups
Below is the stuff for the bin...(well my Double Wear has a tiny bit left, that will see out another couple of applications then that's gone-I bought a replacement the other day because it's my must-have foundation and to be honest I could probably live with that alone).  
Ta-dah! This is the new clean drawer.  Foundations and primers are upright with my bronzing and compact foundations piled up at the back.  The powders (pressed and loose) that I use everyday are on the top at the front and once they're finished I have others below that.  My concealer sit in between the two and it's much easier to see everything I need and access it.
I possibly could have been a little more ruthless and got rid of more, but for now it's neat and I'm quite happy.  It's funny how the smallest of things can keep me content!  Next step is my mascara bag, then lipgloss and lipsticks, then eyeshadows and pencils....


  1. Wow!!
    That is a lot haha! I have started putting paper, either just A4 white paper or bits of wrapping paper to line my makeup drawers, especially the one with foundations in it, that way I don't have to wash it out if a mess goes everywhere and I can just change the paper.

    Some lovely photos :)

  2. woow great!
    i must tidying up my make up...
    i'm happy to the next post like this :))

  3. wow you have a sphora at home

  4. Thats an insane amount of make-up. I LOVE IT! xx

  5. Can I ask what shade you wear in EL Double Wear? I've tried Shell and think it's still a tiny bit too dark for me.


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