Saturday, 14 January 2012

Irregular Choice Mega Haul

A picture speaks a thousand words, so here's several thousand words! I never really understand why some bloggers apologise for image heavy posts-I love looking at pictures, especially if they are of new shoes, so here you go.
I've been desperate for several Irregular Choice styles this season, but patiently waited for the sales.  IC sales don't usually start off very well-then you play this game of waiting for them to be further reduced and/or risk selling out or wait until they hit Letsbuyshoes.  It's a game I've played several times and not always won and is definitely not for the faint hearted!  I psyched myself to buy these shoes when I got paid this week, then bottled it, because they were still just too expensive.  Should I just get one pair then?  I decided to leave it altogether and then a couple of days later literally as I was browsing the site, I noticed some prices were changing (for the better).  I managed to add the items I wanted and buy them before word got out that the stock had been further reduced.  Thank goodness, because two of the styles only had one left in my size.  They were dispatched the same day and I got them today-I am sooooo excited!
First up are my London College of Fashion 'Rosy' by Roseanna Gault in green stripe.  I'm a little gutted my So-Yeon Sarah pair are half the price I paid for them (considering I haven't actually worn mine yet because they need broken in), but because I bought them a long time ago, the hurt isn't quite so bad!  The Rosy are gorgeous too, the cuff is removable and they have this fabulous heart cut-out in the heel.  Do I really need to say any more? Hotness!
Second pair I consider quite unusual for Irregular  Choice.  This concealed, exaggerated platform and curved, block heel aren't exactly IC classics, but I've loved the new shape for this season.  Petrisha were one of my favourites in this style and the muted green especially.  Sadly they were too small, even although I'd asked IC for advice prior to buying.  The inner fabric is also quite scratchy, so it's not very easy to slip your foot into and I'd imagine it could snag tights.  That said, I'm in love with them, they're absolutely stunning.  So I've reordered the last pair of 39's this morning to replace them-I just couldn't be without them.
Finally, I can't believe I'm saying this...I got the Toad In The Hole boots!!!!!  Gah, I'm just over the moon with them.  The IC site had sold out of the 38's ages ago and then they got two pairs in this week (one went after a day), so I've been playing chicken with that last pair and finally they were at a price I was comfortable with paying.  I wanted these so badly, I'd even considered purchasing them from a US site, which would've worked out slightly cheaper than buying them in the UK, when my size had gone.  I knew I would need the 38 because they are quite generous sized and the same shape as The Beast that I own.  Anyway, I just can't believe I finally got them.  Inside is the softest, like teddy-bear type of fur and it's all over and under your foot, so cosy!  They are I'd say the most sensible/practical shoes I own and join maybe 3 other pairs as my only rubber soled footwear!  I even wore them today, which is unheard of for me to wear something new immediately.  I'm just completely in love.  What about you, did you get any IC for Christmas or in the sales?  If I'm completely honest there's another couple of things I'd like, but I'm flat broke after this haul, so they'll have to wait-I am however happy that my IC wishlist has gone down considerably.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. The first shoes are literally the most beautiful things I have ever seen. SO in love!


  2. Oh wow Gemma! They're all gorgeous! You're so lucky! :D I like the first pair the most, especially with the cuff! :)

  3. Wow they are all beautiful :) I love the boots most :-) Never bought any Irregular Choice before but Im tempted to go look now xxx

  4. very nice! you must have the most phenomenal IC collection!

  5. Wow the first ones are so pretty!
    I managed to get the Bed of Roses Penelope shoes that I asked you about ages ago! They weren't in the sale but when I checked on Christmas eve, they had them in my size! I even did a post about them- ahrgh!

  6. Gorgeous blog post! I'm a very recent devotee of IC, bought burlesque beauty in sales, and then Black miaow boots full price, which arrived yesterday along with black miaow bag (sale) and a purpke miaow coin purse (ebay). SO in love with them, have lots more on my wish list!

  7. I'm looking my butt off for some Toad in the hole boots :( Not selling yours by any chance? : D And are they comfy and roomy? I've got quite big calves

    1. Hi Roy, afraid not, can't see me ever parting with them! Very comfy and yes there's quite a lot of room, because you have the zip plus the laces, so can just tie them as tight or loose as is comfortable. Totally lined in the softest fur all the way down too, so ultra cosy. Hope you find a pair x


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