Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Swatches: Too Faced 'Beautiful Dreamer' Collection

I loved the Too Faced limited edition collection for winter; filled with pretty sets and palettes...well when is Too Faced not pretty?  There were lots of items I was adding to my wishlist.  I first spotted the range in Boots at one of the Christmas shopping events but there was little information on the actual products, no prices and the testers either didn't exist (for new items) or were disgusting (the main collection).  It's good to know that they do get the newer products in, but a shame when you don't know anything about them or can't try them.  Anyway, I ended up ordering the Beautiful Dreamer set from ASOS. I know that completely contradicts what I just said about being able to test things, but it gave a good description of what was inside and I knew the price (£36.50 reduced to £21 and I had an extra 10% off).
The products come in this lovely makeup bag, which portrays the collection's dreamy theme extremely well.  
Inside you get two compacts (more about them later) again featuring the gorgeous images similar to the makeup bag.  A full size Lashgasm mascara, full size limited edition Pink Swan lipgloss (pink crystal) - not at all pink to me and nothing like the swatch on the box-it's a soft orange, but very sheer.  You also get a small tube of Shadow Insurance in Candlelight (sheer gold) which could be worn on it's own or underneath eyeshadow for some added shimmer.  It's really great, I've used this loads over the past couple of weeks.  
Candlelight straight out the tube.
and you can see the wonderful sheen and that's only from a tiny amount.
Here's the gloss, I'm not at all bothered that it isn't pink, it's still really pretty and I've worn it several times too, over a nude lipstick.
Now the compacts contain an eyeshadow collection and blush/bronzer duo, each comes with it's own mirror and you get a more than reasonable amount of product inside.
The eyeshadow palette contains Teddy Bear, Blonde Ambition, Totally Toasted and Satin Sheets.  Satin Sheets has least pigment of the four and is a pale pearly pink, Blonde Ambition on the other hand is the most pigmented shadow I have ever seen, it's outstanding!  It's sooo metallic and soooo dense in one sweep! It's an antique, dirty greeny gold.  Teddy Bear is the one shade I'll probably never use.  I'm not much of a brown shadow wearer and this one is matte and just nothing exciting for me.  Totally Toasted is again metallic and a copper shade.  I can see me reaching for this palette time and time again, it's a good little range of neutrals that can be worn many different ways.
Shadows below worn without primer.  
I was extremely excited about the blush palette when I realised that it contained "Whos's  Your Poppy?" Full Bloom blush, which I'd swatched in Boots and fell in love with.  At first I got it muddled with the Brightening Blush in "Papa Don't Peach" which I already own (mixing my daddies!), but then when I realised it was the newer one that I'd been wanting, I was thrilled!  It's a lovely warm shimmery peach-just the colour I love! The Sun Bunny bronzer, I think I may have in another palette or two so I'm not as likely to use that as often.
Overall I'd highly recommend this set, it's extremely good value for money and the majority of products are full size.  Other than the brown eyeshadow, I'd use all of these products time and time again, so you can't really go wrong with that.  Plus it's extremely pretty, did I mention that?  I'm accumulating quite the collection of Too Faced items now and will continue to do so if they keep bringing out crackers like this.

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