Sunday, 22 January 2012

More Topshop Shoes

I've been super busy with eBay this weekend, but have now given up to watch Dancing On Ice and Desperate Housewives! I just have time to show you yet more Topshop shoe purchases-what's my obsessions with Toppers shoes just now?
This first glitter pair (Gosford) were in my basket before Christmas and I decided I couldn't afford them as well as the others I bought. However when I saw them again in my size, I snapped them up. They are quite a classic mary-jane style with the strap and block heel, they do have a really low vamp though (I'm not totally sold on lots of toe cleavage), so I'll probably wear them with tights. I've already been out with the hairspray to hold the glitter in place as it was dropping everywhere as soon as I unboxed them!
The other pair (Slink) I saw instore in Dundee months and months ago (I think it was summer) and they were sitting in the 'last few, get them now' type stand (actually they were the only pair) and I really, really wanted them. I can't remember if I didn't have money at the time or if they weren't my size, but I didn't get them. They had that thing going on where had I seen them solely online I could've resisted them, but in person they just looked stunning and such good quality. Anyhow, again they were in the sale (half price) and I was pretty excited to get the opportunity to buy them again. I try to avoid wearing red as it clashes with whatever colour my hair is, but I'm becoming a little more relaxed in my thinking and these are more a subtle wine-shade anyway. They are super pretty, super super pretty.

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  1. Exactly HOW many pairs of shoes do you have young lady! I am MOST intrigued to know!


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