Monday, 16 January 2012

Cartoon Me

I've been a member on Stardoll for years now.  As a lover of fashion and dollies, it's a pretty fun place to be.  It's progressed over the years where now you can create your own me-doll and make it look exactly like yourself (if you wish) by colouring the hair, selecting skin-tone, eye colour, facial expressions, makeup and obviously by dressing her.  My doll is actually rather freakily like me albeit with a better wardrobe! In Stardoll land 'designer' items cost a lot less than in the real world and Topshop clothes fit everyone!  I can occasionally get rather jealous of my dolly, who had Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' before the real me, has oodles of quilted Chanel bags, got the Louis Vuitton boots I lusted after and is perfectly turned out in a mix of Topshop, Alexander McQueen, Dior and Betsey Johnson!  It's fun to get to see how the cartoon world will interpret an item you've seen instore or on a catwalk (sometimes not for the better).  Today I spotted for the first time, a pair of Irregular Choice shoes in their 'Antidote' limited edition collection.  I was actually ridiculously excited about this, haha! It kinda freaks me out when my virtual me is dressed as the real me or has items that I really own-it's strange! Here are my real 'Wing Invador' below.  Stardoll have used the wings on both sides of the shoe but otherwise the colours and style are spot on.

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