Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Lipstick Challenge

I have shizzle-loads of lipsticks. Ok, I have shizzle loads of make-up in general and shoes and bags and dresses etc etc. However I'm trying so hard to clean and tidy just now. It's killing me though because in my head I'm all for getting stuck in, my body isn't quite in agreement and time is always an issue. There just aren't enough hours in the day or at least time I can dedicate to tidying without feeling guilty that I have tonnes of other things to be doing. I'm fed up of living in a mess though, so am trying to do a little bit at a time.  Anyway, I'm clearing out my makeup, you may recall it started with the foundation drawer (easy enough), now I've moved onto one of my lipstick drawers (let's just say there are multiple and literally hundreds of lippies in there). I'm still working on it, but I came to the conclusion I reach for the same lipsticks over and over and ignore others-I need to start using them up and using a variety.  I'm therefore going to start my own 'use up my lipstick' challenge and wear one lipstick for an entire week. There aren't any rules as such, it's just my own personal mission, but for instance yesterday I wore this with an ELF plumping gloss in Wink Pink, today I had Clinique Air Kiss over the top, some days I may just wear it alone. I'm not necessarily going to write a post on it each time-I think I'll do it in my sidebar and update the image every week (I don't have time to do it now).  You're welcome to join in too if you wish, either on your blog or by commenting here and we can all spur each other on.  I'm not saying I'll ever finish even one of the lipsticks and certainly not in a week, but I'm going to try and at least make an impression on my huge stash.  So this week I'm wearing Clarins Illusion in 202 which is an ashy white-ish, pearly shade in a frost finish.  

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