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Danielle Nicole: Disney Handbags

If you follow my Instagram, you'll probably be aware I began collecting Danielle Nicole x Disney handbags last year, when they first launched in the UK. As well as making 'regular' bags, accessories and jewellery, Danielle has the most wonderful (officially licensed) Disney range. You know I'm a long time fan of the novelty handbag and they don't get much more fun than these. Princess heads (my favourite) or other Disney characters adorn these cute bags and I've built up quite the collection already, so thought I'd share them with you. danielle nicole disney princess handbags

It was my birthday last week, which pretty much went by uncelebrated and I was hoping to do something for it this week, but my surgery has put paid to that (sure that'll be fun too though!) though I did get lovely and very thoughtful presents, even if it didn't feel like a special day.  One such gift from my sister was this DN handbag (Ariel crossbody or here). I knew I was getting it months ago and have been desperate to properly look at it! The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney film and like I said, I love the face bags most in this range and I was hoping Ariel would make an appearance. My only critique (and I'm sure they'll bring out another one, as they've already brought out new versions of a couple of others!) is that I wish her hair had been made from another material. It's perfectly styled as it is in the film, but I feel the bag is lacking some sparkle or shine overall and the woven finish doesn't really do it for me. She does have a beautiful sparkling flower in her hair and her shell bra is shimmery, but I want glistening hair too! Love the little pearl.    danielle nicole disney the little mermaid ariel bag
The first bag I bought was Ariel's guppy buddy, Flounder (Flounder crossbody or here). Made from a striking, smooth, yellow metallic material with bold blue trim.  It's fascinating watching this under lights or moving it around because the materials are just so eye-catching.  As with most of these bags, they aren't going to hold a great deal. Flounder maybe looks a reasonable size but he's very narrow, so you can't really squeeze all that much in. It comes with a detachable long chain strap.  There's a newer pearly version that I'm desperate to get my hands on! danielle nicole disney the little mermaid flounder bagdanielle nicole disney the little mermaid flounder and ariel bags
After loving my initial buys so much, I decided I needed the Sebastian clutch (Sebastian pouch) too. It comes in the most beautiful shiny green with an applique Sebastian in red (glitter and metallic) on the front. There's a small zip opening as his mouth, which is so cute and the main zip opening on the bag has an 'Ariel' signature pull. It's a flat clutch and doesn't have the option of a strap, but probably fits just as much in it as the deeper bags. danielle nicole disney the little mermaid sebastian pouchdanielle nicole disney the little mermaid ariel and sebastian bagsdanielle nicole disney the little mermaid collection handbags
At the same time as Flounder, Santa bought Snow White (Snow White crossbody) to keep for my Christmas. She is just beautiful.  All the head bags also come with removable chain straps and there's a small 'complete' bag at the back with the head part stuck on the front (the bag is usually just slightly smaller than the head). I can't get over how a few pieces of applique and embroidery can perfectly capture the expressions and characteristics of these characters, they are just so realistic. This time SW has black reptile like hair (the same as the bag at the back) and this one is soooo soft.  There is a new 'pop art' version of this.  danielle nicole disney snow white bag
This year, there was a new Princess head in the form of Cinderella (Cinderella crossbody or here). Well, how could I resist this as a partner for all my Irregular Choice Cinderella shoes? If Ariel was lacking sparkle, Cinderella more than makes up for it. Even the bag itself is sparkly. Her hair is up with a sparkling silver hairband and glittering lips finishing it off.  You can probably fit a modern phone in these bags (maybe not mine currently, with it's sticky-out diamante Disney mouse ears and giant fluffy pom pom!) and a lipstick, keys and small purse or just loose coins and cards. danielle nicole disney cinderella bag
My sister got the Gus makeup bag (Cinderella cosmetic case) last year, which I wanted to show you. It has the most beautiful (smooth) glitter finish, that's stunning under lights and a single shoe as the zip pull. She bought a glitter bag with the seven dwarfs on it this year, but was using it when I took these photos or else I'd have shown you that too. danielle nicole disney cinderella gus cosmetic casedanielle nicole disney cinderella and gus bags
They aren't the most practical for every day use, but if you're travelling light or on a night out, they are pretty adorable companions and definitely conversational pieces.  


  1. They are really cute! Faaaar too small for me but really pretty!!x

  2. I don't think I've ever left you a comment, but I wanted to thank you for all the work you put into this blog. Your In Search of Irregular Choice post enabled me to find a pair of shoes I'd wanted terribly, but couldn't afford. The combination of a sale and free shipping made it possible. These wonderful bags here-I'd have never known they existed if you hadn't posted. I need that Sebastian bag, if only for his incredulous expression.

    Anyway, thank you for all these wonderful posts. You're dealing with so much, and the tremendous effort it must take isn't unappreciated. I'm sorry the medical system is giving you such a run-around, and I'd come over and poke them all in the eye for you if I could!


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