Friday, 12 May 2017

Irregular Choice: Mickey & Friends Preview 2

Hello! I have another little sneaky look for you from the upcoming Irregular Choice Mickey & Friends collection. As you saw from my post last week, the latest Disney collaboration kicked off with Mickey and Minnie shoes and our first ever limited edition bag. This week, I have another bag and pair of shoes to discuss. irregular choice disney limited edition preview

Now, although I don't wear flats, I have to say Whoa are one of my favourites from this collection. They come in the most delicious shade of baby blue glitter, which I'm sure is giving many of you Tea With Alice vibes. There's a lovely contrast with the striped small heel and trim and a nautical feel with the jagged, metallic blue and embroidered red hearts. irregular choice disney donald daisy duck glitter shoes
Like Why Hello last week, the toes feature large embroidered Disney characters, this time Daisy and Donald Duck. Once more, they are oozing charisma, which is wonderful to see in a still image. irregular choice disney donald daisy duck woah shoesirregular choice disney donald daisy duck shoes
I love the shiny metallic elements, which really pop and how the characters sit partly on the shoe and some way onto the foot. irregular choice donald daisy duck preview shoesirregular choice ss17 disney shoes
In a match made in heaven, the Whoa bag is just so perfect with the pumps. Shaped like Cuckoo, Dotty Dreamer, Cat Call etc, this is a large bag with one big, open space. irregular choice disney donald duck bag preview
There's a zip fastening along the top and like Dreamy Mickey, the fixed handles are long enough to wear on the shoulder or to carry in the hand. It does of course also come with a removable strap.  This is adjustable and clips onto the sides. irregular choice disney donald duck woah bag
The bag itself is candy striped with contrast coloured straps. There's shots of shiny metallic everywhere to mirror the shoes and that fabulous glitter makes an appearance too. irregular choice disney ss17 donald duck bag
The front features a full size Donald figure ogling a rather tasty looking 3 scoop ice-cream cone! The ice-cream is melting and I'm fearing for it, though he appears completely unaware!  The same shimmering gold material lines the bag and shoes, which I looked at last week. irregular choice donald duck bag
I really love the fun, bright colours in these two pieces and the mix of textures, it's all fabulous. What do you think, are you delighted to see Donald and Daisy gracing this collection? What/who else are you hoping to see?

The collection will be available online and in stores soon and follow me on (Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr) to be kept up to date.

All images courtesy of Irregular Choice x Disney

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  1. Ohh! These are gorgeous! I really love that light blue colour.


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