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Irregular Choice Disney: Oh Boy

Alrighty, I'm back and with another epic Irregular Choice Disney review. It was extremely unfortunate timing that my gallbladder operation coincided with the release of the Mickey & Friends collection. I literally got the phonecall to say I was going in the next Friday, right before this range launched (definitely caught unawares there). I wasn't sure how physically able I would be to take photos after the operation, so photographed all my orders as they came in (smart move), before I went into hospital. Pictures don't edit themselves though and posts don't write themselves (wouldn't it be cool if they did?), so after taking a few weeks off to recover, I'm tackling the backlog! irregular choice disney mickey and friends oh boy
I'm not sure if I mentioned in my first review for Sherbet Ice Cream (SIC), that I was quite restrained when it came to buying shoes in this range. Purely because for once, the collection involved more than footwear and I was after several bags, so I couldn't really go overboard on the heels. There was a lot to choose from in terms of everything (colour, heel height and style) in this collection, so I chose two pairs that were quite different to one another.
red glitter mickey mouse shoes
I liked Oh Boy from the start, though it wasn't until I saw more detailed images later on that I really fell for them and they became must-haves for me. They do feature one of my all-time favourite IC heels, so that definitely influenced me. Though it was the unique toe detail that really swung it. They are a slip on court, covered in red glitter. The shade of red wasn't great on my camera, but in reality it is the perfect rich, ruby shade. Not too bright, not too light, just beautifully classy.  The glitter is really shiny and relatively chunky.  There is a black patent trim around the top edge of the shoe to hopefully avoid the glitter snagging tights or rubbing against the skin. irregular choice oh boy mickey shoeirregular choice mickey mouse glitter heelsdisney irregular choice oh boy
The heel in bright gold glitter, is the famous cut-away "heel-less" wedge. I said in the preview for these and indeed do every single time someone asks me (usually they have a totally perplexed look on their face) that these are so easy to walk on. You will not be aware that it's any different to a regular heel when it's on your foot. Seriously, you won't. The heel roughly measures 4" and there's no platform (they are a very comfortable height for me). I've photographed the heel tip of these, as they are tipped, despite essentially being a wedge, so the wedge is slightly lifted from the front of the sole. oh boy gold glitter heelsirregular choice heel-less wedgewedge heel tip
Before I get onto the toe, there are some more little details on the uppers I want to mention. Across the side of the shoe at the back, is 'Mickey Mouse' written in black and gold hearts, both embroidered. Embroidered words have been prevalent in all the Disney launches thus far and hearts are very popular in this particular range. I like how the gold ties in with the heel.  As a dressmaker, it blows my mind how they manage to embroider on a tough glitter material. I'm not sure which comes first (the glitter or the embroidery), but we've seen it quite a lot lately on IC items and I'm curious about it every time! embroidered counter detail
Ok, so now onto the toe and from looking at the sole, they have an almond shape. However you can't really tell, because there's a multi-dimensional Mickey Mouse face which covers the whole front of the shoe. In black fabric and nude patent (love the shiny finish), it's really spectacular. The top of the head partly covers the foot and the ears sit up onto the uppers. Mickey's mouth is embroidered across the very front of the toe with the nose creating an upturned toe effect (my Mum would call them "winklepickers"). I truly love that IC went the extra step to make these multi-dimensional instead of a straight-forward applique like the rest of the range. It really adds a playfulness to Mickey and makes them very "Irregular Choice". disney mickey mouse red glitter shoesirregular choice disney oh boy shoesirregular choice disney mickey mouse shoesupturned mickey mouse toe detailmickey mouse toe detailoh boy mickey mouse mouth detailoh boy mickey toe detail
The insoles are exactly the same as SIC and the rest of the range, in shimmering gold with the bow and mouse head details. There's a really beautiful rainbow finish when you hold them to the light.  The soles are completely different to SIC though. This time, they are a bold blue with large white hearts and a full length Minnie Mouse image on one shoe and white stars with Mickey on the other. Both characters are leaning inwards with puckered lips, so when you hold both shoes up together, it looks like they are kissing. Yep, it's adorable! disney irregular choice branded insoledisney irregular choice branded insole detail minnie and mickey mouse shoe solesirregular choice disney oh boy soles oh boy minnie mouse soleoh boy minnie mouse sole detail oh boy mickey mouse soleoh boy mickey mouse sole detail
Oh Boy are quite a contrast to SIC, in much more "traditional" Mickey colours, though I can't pick a favourite between them! You can see how they look on the foot in my Shoesday review, where I talk more about the sizing as well. Keep up to date with me on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr as I have three bags and a purse still to review from Mickey & Friends. Meanwhile, what do you think of these sparkling shoes and did you manage to get anything from this range?

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  1. Glad you're back and blogging! Love these - I like the small touches to the Disney - the gold hearts, the kissing characters on the sole. Such great attention to detail :)

  2. Glad you're back and blogging! Love these - I like the small touches to the Disney - the gold hearts, the kissing characters on the sole. Such great attention to detail :)

  3. Oh my gosh these are the cutest shoes I love that even the soles are cute to xoxo


  4. They are really fun! I am glad you managed to get them.xx


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