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Irregular Choice Disney: Sherbet Ice Cream

I'm so excited to share my first pair of heels from the new Irregular Choice Disney collaboration, Mickey & Friends. The collection is live right now and at this moment I'm in the queue online (hopefully) buying the rest of my wishlist! irregular choice sherbet ice cream shoes

Sherbet Ice Cream* are one of the many character heels in this (very large) release, but the heel concept is completely different to what we've seen in the past. I'll look at that later, but first let's review the shoe. irregular choice disney sherbet ice cream shoe review
The character heels were missing from the teasers we've had over the past few weeks and it was love at first sight when I saw these. Although they aren't perhaps traditional Minnie Mouse colours, the style is quintessentially Minnie in my opinion. It has a bulbous, chunky shape on the foot and naturally came with a big bow! The uppers are a bright floral on a white background layered over a very fresh, white and blue polka dot print. The material has that padded feel that the lining of Alice and the castle print from Cinderella had. The slip on court has an exaggerated scalloped edge along the top, which looks really pretty on and off the foot.  I'm a sucker for curved edging like this and IC have thankfully been using it pretty regularly.  irregular choice sherbet ice cream floral bow shoesirregular choice disney ss17 sherbet ice cream shoesfloral and spotted fabric scalloped edge detail
The spotty print continues onto the small platform and the toe surround has a beautiful fine glitter scalloped trim in bold coral. If I loved the curves on the edging, I love this scalloped section even more.  It photographed much paler and less vivid than it looked in person, but I played around with the photos until it was close enough. I'd say it's just slightly deeper than it looks here. I think the shoe really pops with this sparkling section.  As you can see, the platform slopes back from the toe rather than being in-line and the toe is very rounded. irregular choice disney minnie mouse shoeirregular choice disney minnie mouse character heelscoral glitter scalloped detailplatform and sole detailpolka dot platform detailsherbet ice cream toe detail
Dominating the front of the shoe is of course, the large bow. It's a total "Minnie" bow in shape and style. See how the top section is taller than the lower part?  Disney details right there!  It's padded and in the same floral print as the uppers and underneath that is another padded bow in the polka dot print. "Minnie" and "Mouse" is engraved into the gold, metal centres and the bow sits up and overlaps slightly onto the foot. sherbet ice cream bow detailpolka dot and floral bows
bow close up
So far I've loved every aspect of the shoe and it doesn't stop there.  There's a fabulous character heel to add to the magic! I mentioned at the start that it's unlike anything we've seen before and here's why. Rather than Minnie being the entire heel, like Alice or the gnomes, the Minnie mould backs onto a regular heel. The heel is reasonably chunky, though far slimmer than we usually see on character designs. It's a definite separate heel and not a wedge like so many of them usually take on. irregular choice minnie mouse heelsirregular choice sherbet ice cream heels
The heel part is covered in gold glitter. While the glitter on the toe is fine, this is chunkier and more 'loose' looking. The Minnie mould has all the charm and character you'd expect and feels very playful. She's dressed in blue with a pink bow and matching heels, as she is sometimes depicted and this outfit perfectly matches the floral on the shoes.  I love that they've managed to incorporate her white frilled bloomers sticking out from under her dress, which is both a carved and painted detail. She is wearing the famous white gloves with her arms folded inwards, so there's no bits sticking out the sides to worry about when walking. The main body is sheltered under the shoe, though her nose does stick out a little from the back end. minnie mouse character heelsminnie mouse heel side detailminnie mouse glitter heelminnie mouse heel detailminnie mouse side heel detailminnie mouse heel face close upminnie mouse bloomers close upminnie mouse shoe detailsminnie mouse character heel tip
The insoles of this collection are shimmering gold. The sparkle is smooth, so no need to worry about it snagging tights or rubbing against the skin. As mentioned in the teasers, one shoe has a cut out bow and the other a mouse head with 'Disney' and hearts embroidered. The Irregular Choice branding is on the gold insole. The soles vary between styles in this collection and indeed on Sherbet Ice Cream from right to left. If you've discovered this collection through your love of Disney and don't already own any IC's, I'm sure you're salivating at the adorable artwork on the soles (and yes, you can take steps to protect them if you so wish). disney minnie mouse shoes limited edition minnie mouse shoesmouse head insole detailminnie bow insole detail
Minnie features on one sole on a pink and white splodgy spot background and her outfit. Oh my gosh, I'm loving tropical Minnie so much (and Tropical Minnie is a sandal in this range if you love it too)! The other sole is pale blue with white hearts and features Daisy Duck. I was going to say she's "so pretty" and this is the name of the bag and purse she features on funnily enough. I'm not a sole protector myself, but ooh, these are so lovely, it does seem a pity to wear that gorgeous pattern away (though I have these photos to keep)! I adore how they look combined with the actual shoe too.irregular choice sherbet ice cream solesdisney shoe solesminnie mouse shoe sole minnie mouse shoe sole close updaisy duck shoe soledaisy duck shoe sole close upminnie heel and sole
I'm sure you'll agree these shoes are very lively and cheerful and I think there's a good blend of Irregular Choice's style with signature Minnie features. The other pair I'm hoping to buy are Oh Boy, the red glitter Mickey ones I showed you yesterday, so I've opted for two quite different styles. I'm also hoping to get the Chip n Dale handbag that combines both the floral and polka dots fabrics used here.  I will be Miss Match, yass! What do you think, are you liking this collection, what are you hoping to get? irregular choice minnie mouse sherbet ice cream shoes
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  1. The heel is so clever. I like the way it is different from ones in the past!


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