Friday, 19 May 2017

Irregular Choice: Mickey & Friends Preview 3

Hi, I'm back with your favourite Friday post, another Disney teaser! The limited edition Irregular Choice Mickey & Friends collection will launch next Friday (26th May) at 12pm and will be available worldwide, online and in stores. The preview this week is Minnie inspired... irregular choice disney limited edition preview teaser

Now without revealing anything I shouldn't, I can tell you that this is the biggest limited edition launch from IC to date. It's huge! I can honestly say there will be items to suit every budget and the shoe styles will cater to every taste. There's so much choice in style and heel height, it's a very inclusive collection and of course there's the accessories (for the first time) too. In the teasers so far we've seen pumps, but this week we're going just slightly higher with this mid-heel. I know the mid heels were super popular in the Alice collection, so if you're unable for high heels but fancy a little lift then these might be for you. irregular choice disney classic minnie preview
Classic Minnie are aptly named, encompassing all the signature traits of Mickey's sweetheart. A plain black slip-on court with a gold metallic mouse head at the side of the heel and red embroidered hearts which have been prevalent throughout all the teasers so far. irregular choice disney minnie mouse shoes
The shoes wouldn't be Minnie inspired without her famous oversized bow and across the toe you get just that. A large puffy bow in red and white polka dots matching the heel and contrasting against the black shoe. They are fun and perfectly wearable too. irregular choice disney classic minnie shoe previewirregular choice disney classic minnie mouse bow detailirregular choice disney classic minnie mid heel court
Each week we've seen a complimenting handbag and this time we have another. If the heels were small, the bag is going seriously LARGE. irregular choice disney minnie mouse bag preview
This bag shape has been used in past seasons (the Fierce bear, Bamboo panda and Hound Dog) and you'd be forgiven for not realising how big it is until you see it next to a person (top). It's MASSIVE! Why Hello has less of a structured feel than Whoa and Dreamy Mickey but the fun factor is off the charts! irregular choice disney minnie mouse bag
In red, black and white, typical mouse colours, you'll find the entire bag filled with Minnie's face. Her features are embroidered with wide eyes, long eyelashes and smiling mouth. Of course the trademark polka dot bow is there, mirroring the shoes. As if the bag wasn't big enough, the ears stand out from the bag itself. irregular choice disney minnie mouse face bag detail
The exciting feature with this one is, it's double sided. So turn the bag around and you'll see a winking Mickey face. Two for the price of one! irregular choice disney mickey mouse bag preview
There's not a whole lot of depth to this circular shape, but that's more than made up for with the height and width. The surround is red polka dot and there's two fixed handles, along with a removable and adjustable monochrome spotty strap. I've spoken of it, but not previously shown you the insides of the bags. It's the same shimmering gold as the shoes. irregular choice disney why hello bag mickey faceirregular choice disney why hello bag lining
Next week, I'll have the final reveal (it's a goody) and then the full collection will be available on the Friday. As always I'm a mix of excited and nervous. I've been a bit unlucky in the virtual queue system for the past couple of releases, though I've managed to eventually get my shopping list elsewhere, but it's not ideal when you're buying bits and bobs all over the place! Just a note, lots of Irregular Choice stockists will be selling this range, not just IC, but due to the size of the collection, the full range will only be available from IC online and at Carnaby Street. I'm a bit undecided on whether I'm going to write a stockist list for each style after the initial sales have died down...I know you appreciate these style of posts, but they do require an immense amount of work and that's for collections nowhere near the size of this one. We'll see. In the meantime, what do you think of the teasers this week?

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All images courtesy of Irregular Choice x Disney

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  1. I don't know why Mickey and Minnie things just don't really interest me! I love polka dots in red and white! But I can imagine for Disney fans it must be amazing!


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