Thursday, 25 May 2017

Irregular Choice: Mickey & Friends Preview 4

It's here, your final teaser before the launch of the Irregular Choice Disney Mickey & Friends collection tomorrow. Details at the bottom regarding online and in person shopping, but before that let's see the first heels of the collection. irregular choice disney mickey and friends limited edition preview

Oh Boy are a red glitter court with the most fabulous Mickey face across the toe. With a multi dimensional look, the mouse nose acts as an upturned toe and the large ears sit upwards from the shoe. His face is embroidered with the cheeky grin working it's way across the very front of the shoe. irregular choice disney mickey oh boy glitter shoesirregular choice disney oh boy shoesirregular choice disney mickey mouse toe detail
Across the counter "Mickey Mouse" is embroidered with a smattering of gold hearts. This court features one of my all-time favourite IC heels, the "heel-less" wedge.
irregular choice disney shoes preview
It's completely covered in gold glitter and every time I wear this heel, it draws inquisitive glances and questions about what it feels like and how easy or difficult it is to walk on. The truth is, you have no idea it's not a standard heel when you're wearing it. It doesn't feel any different to a regular heel and there's no difficulty walking on it, because the foot is completely supported. Once you've tried it, you'll agree with all those statements, trust me! irregular choice disney oh boy
I am definitely hoping to buy these tomorrow, I think they are fabulous. You can find previous teasers here, here and here, but remember there will be many more items tomorrow if none of those have taken your fancy.  Keep up to date with me on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr.

So the range will launch on Friday at 12pm (UK time) and will be available in stores, online and from most of the usual independents, worldwide. However as reported last week, you will only find the full collection (because of it's size) at the Carnaby Street store and online at Irregular Choice. I don't have details about where's getting what, but am hoping to write a stockist list once the collection has launched (and likely once the initial sales have died down). I will add, some places can be a bit unreliable with the 12 o'clock release. Not naming names, but it's very frustrating when items you want pop up an hour or even days later. Prices have not been released, but I would think they would be in line with previous Disney releases. This time we have accessories though, which we've never had before. There will be queue systems in place both in IC stores and online. We all know how an in-person queue works, but online you are randomly slotted into a queue and allocated a number, which you watch counting down until it's your turn.

I suggest moving quickly once you are "in" as stock is not reserved in your basket until you've checked out and I can't remember exactly how many minutes you get (20 maybe?), but you are bounced to the back of the queue if you exceed that time. It's a big collection to get through and I know this will be your first time seeing it all, but be prepared to make decisions quickly (and it's probably easier to add more to your basket and then remove at checkout rather than looking at something then going back for it later). Make sure you are ready with payment info and already logged into your account (if you don't have an account, make one beforehand) and ensure your address/details are correct as these things can waste time. Likewise if you want to add something non-Mickey to your order, I'd do that beforehand, so it's there and ready. The online queue system has worked well for previous launches to avoid the website crashing, but it is just luck when you get in (I've been unlucky for the past couple of releases that items I wanted had already gone). If it avoids the website going down completely though, it's worth doing. I'll be 'battling' online with you, so won't be available for helping out with what's available where (my nerves are shredded already), but once I've recovered (no joke, these things are intense!), I'll try and aid as much as I can. If you have a moment on Friday (after 12), do check both my blogs as I have some special posts prepared.  Good luck and please let me know what you manage to get.

All images courtesy of Irregular Choice x Disney

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