Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Irregular Choice: Two Different Coloured Shoes Day

Today is National Two Different Coloured Shoes Day. Yes, there really is a national or international day for everything! So I've put together a very short video of (some) of my odd but matching Irregular Choice pairs.  I was actually surprised by how many I had, then remembered another and another...but it's been a tough day today, so these were all I could manage to photograph.  All styles names listed in order below the video, all shoes Irregular Choice (though I did discover another few matching pairs from other brands that I didn't include), unicorn jammie bottoms Primark.

1.  Bambino
2.  Prom Princess
3.  Hello Ha
4.  Dotty Love
5.  One Who Charms
6.  Love Games
7.  Truly Magical
8.  Carni Val
9.  Pretty Poodle and Tiny Ted
10.  I'm Bossy
11.  Who In The World Am I?
12.  Kitty Princess
13.  Trixy

Head's up National Doughnut Week (yep, WEEK!) starts on the 6th of May.  More than happy to participate in that event too, nom, nom, nom!  Have you or would you ever wear odd shoes out on the streets is the question?

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  1. Ha, that's really cute!!! I have not worn odd shoes before though my husband accidently went to school in odd-shoes once!!


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