Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Tartan Treat

I went shopping yesterday, as I haven't been for a few weeks. I had remembered that I was to look for the car print (Prada-esque) outfit in luck, although I did see a different shirt with the same print. I think it was around the 20th of Feb, that it was supposed to hit stores, so either Dundee isn't getting it or we're getting it late. I ended up coming away with nothing from Primark-when does that ever happen? I had £10 on my Debenhams beauty card (which I always seem to have lately) and so I wanted to treat myself to a Lancome lipgloss. Turns out I spotted a free gift with some perfume and opted for that instead.
With any Vivienne Westwood 50ml or larger fragrance you get a lovely tartan makeup bag (which I'm totally going to use as a clutch). I really didn't need the perfume as I already have a bottle of this at least 75% full, but with £10 off as well, I figured I couldn't go wrong with another bottle (or I could even sell it on eBay I suppose). I tried the Cheeky and Naughty Alice ones but wasn't that taken with them, then I spotted a couple of boxes of the Jouy Boudoir, limited edition one but all I could smell was a hairspray/alcohol scent (took me back to my ballet exam days), so that's why I just got the original Boudoir which I know and love.
The pouch has the lovely (and quite heavy) gold orb detail on the zip. Then I was mega excited because the lady put my goodies in lovely Westwood gift bag and gave me loads of free samples. The little things like that sooo make my day! Oh and I got 500 bonus points for spending over £40, so that's another fiver on my card for next time, when I'll be going back to get the Lancome gloss (it better still be there)!  I also ordered some MAC things today from Debenhams online (that'll be another fiver bonus), so you'll see them when they arrive : )


  1. That bag is so cute! They have that skirt & top combo in my primark but to be honest I was disappointed in it when I saw it in real life and decided not to buy - they only had the skirt in the yellow option so it may be better in blue?

  2. I really want Cheeky Alice! I saw the gift bag and tartan purse offer in my local Debenhams and really want them too! You are so lucky being given all those samples too!! :)


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