Friday, 16 March 2012

The Outnet: Messeca Shoe Haul

Yesterday was a good day for deliveries! I ended up with 3 parcels and was lucky not to miss any when I popped out for a couple of hours to the dentist. One massive delivery (so big the chap actually brought it into the house for me) was from The Outnet and contained three new pairs of shoes. It was a complete chance purchase-I just happened to be browsing the site a few days ago and noticed their clearance sale and after logging in to my account at least 30 times, I successfully purchased them. Normally I would've given you the heads up, but the stock was selling so fast, it wouldn't have been worth it by the time I'd have written it. As I speak the sale lasts another 3 days and there's limited stock left.
The three pairs I purchased were by Messeca, who've been on my radar for a little while. I have to be completely honest and say I wasn't convinced they were 'me' type of shoes though and fully expected to dislike them in person. As a sidenote, other than the annoyance of having to continually log-in, my delivery was both dispatched and delivered super quick. I feel a little like I've maybe set the whole eco-warrior campaign back a few years though with the packaging; the box was bum-high on me (take my word for it, because I couldn't figure out how to take a photo with both me and the box in it at the same time) and was filled with tissue paper, think miles rather than metres. I was left with a mountain of tissue and I've kept every sheet, so I can re-use/recycle it or I'd have nightmares about starving polar bears, holes in the ozone layer and being the sole cause of climate change! As much as I appreciate items coming well-packaged (especially if they are valuable) I'm not entirely convinced this was necessary (a box where all 3 boxes fitted snugly without rattling about would have sufficed without the need for any of the tissue).
OK, now for the shoes-I'll include the stock photos as my camera pics aren't that great...'Gavin' a bargainious £36, are a clog type shape with wooden platform and heel, very chunky. They have a back zip fastening and thin ankle strap which fastens with a (nice non-fiddly) buckle. I bought a US8 as they were described as being quite small fitting and don't even get me started on which size translates from a UK5! When I pulled them out the box, they seemed really big, but trying them on I definitely opted for the best size. They are quite tight across the foot and generally slim fitting but thankfully fit with the zip and buckle/strap. They are a muted taupe-brown shade and the leather is sooo soft, it's lovely.
Next are 'Morgan' which have a similar feel to Gavin, with the rounded, chunky shape. They have a peep toe though and a gold curved mirror heel. Again I bought the 8 and they just fit and they were also £36, pretty amazing when the same style is on ASOS for £114 (down from £190). The leather is mega soft again and with the open toe/fancy heel they're maybe a bit more 'me'.
Finally 'Coralina' which had sold out in size 8, so I had to get a 7.5, I resigned myself to the fact that I would probably have to sell them because they wouldn't fit. It turns out they are actually the biggest of the three! They have an open toe, back zip, in plush green velvet with a wedge and gold mirror 'heel'. I like this idea of cheating a heel when it's really a wedge! These were only £30 and ASOS have them in navy for £93 down from £155. I love the colour of these and they look fantabulous on the foot, really lovely.
I'm really chuffed with my whole order.  They may not be obvious footwear choices for me, but maybe that's a good thing, to change it up a bit.  I do seem to love both ultra pretty feminine shoes and those bordering on ugly and slightly clumpy.  Messeca probably fall into the latter category, but this doesn't mean I don't like them!  I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know I have updated the post regarding the boots I was having issues with-you can email/FB/comment here/there regarding that.

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  1. I absolutely adore the pair with the curved gold heel, they're gorgeous!! Such a good bargain you got as well!


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