Sunday, 11 March 2012

Topshop Haul: Meadham Kirchhoff Nail Art

Just a quick post of a little Topshop order I placed the other week. I have waited months and months for the Meadham Kirchhoff nails to hit the street (so to speak). First used in the MK SS12 runway show; due to demand it was decided they would be produced for the masses (yay for us).  Eventually realising they were going to be exclusive to Topshop, I started stalking the site months in advance and finally found out it would be mid February when they were released (but kept stalking just in case). Oh and don't even get me started on those specially made glitter MAC lipsticks below : (
Of course the freakin' day the Nail Rock wraps came out, they sold out by 10am when I got online.! So I upped my stalking habits in the hope they'd get them back and they did. I added a couple of packets to my basket, quickly searched the site for something else to purchase (because two packets of nails seemed like a waste of £4 delivery), by which point the nails had sold out.!
I continued to stalk over the weeks and luckily it paid off yet again, I added them to my basket and a ring I'd liked, didn't check for anything else and bought them before they could sell out! Of course, they've constantly been in stock ever since so I didn't need to rush, but I wasn't going to be fooled twice. Soooo here they are and you can probably see why I was so gaga about them. They are fabulously girly and other than the 'lady part' design (which I may never use-really who wants that on their fingertips? Maybe don't answer that one), I love them all. The white teddy one (very Cath Kidston looking) and the pale blue fluffy kitty (?) are my favourites. I'm convinced I'm going to stuff them up, so haven't actually attempted to apply them yet. My first foray into nail wraps didn't go that great, so here's hoping I've improved.
The ring I purchased was this Statue of Liberty one...I've always liked old Liberty, I feel quite sorry for her though-she never fares well in disaster movies does she? Actually I just saw her broken head hit the streets of New York last night in Deep Impact, poor Libs.
(more info on my nail art coming soon!)
I also feel it's my duty to inform you of the Meadham Kirchhoff Autumn/Winter 2012/13 nail wraps recently used in their show.  Do we hope Nail Rock reproduce these too?  Hell yeah! I may just die for unicorn nails and that fairytale toadstool one too! So heads up and get your stalking skills at the ready...


  1. I have these :) Love them!
    and OMGOODNESS!!!! The A/W nail wraps...AMAZING!!! Unicorn <3

  2. Great Products, and love your blog! check out my blog and follow :) x

  3. great post, I absolutely LOVE the unicorn ones. Dying to find them somewhere


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