Friday, 23 March 2012

Ridiculous Lipgloss Stash

This isn't a very informative post, but hey it's a Friday and it's been a pretty crappy, stressful day, so how about some makeup porn to brighten the evening?  As you do, I placed all my tube lipglosses on a giant board the other day to photograph them (probably when I had loads of really important stuff to do and instead found other really silly things to occupy my time) and took a giant photo of them all! This is an absolute feast for your eyes and I totally realise that no one person could ever use up this much gloss in a lifetime...ever. It's silly really.  Plus, if I'm totally honest I tend to opt for my wand glosses over these, the majority of the time anyway.  However, like I said earlier in the week, clearly I have obsessive, collector problems in life and seem to have just accumulated these over time ; )
This is all or at least most of my squeezy tube lipglosses ^ eeeek! I'm sure there are others dotted about the place and I know I have at least another 6 Pout Plump tubes which I wear in my bed, that are kept elsewhere.  There's just about every brand and colour on the planet here (from Philosophy to Estee Lauder to to OCC, Tesco, Dior, Urban Decay, 17, No7 and Victoria's Secret...but where are the ultimate squishy-tube glosses I hear you say?
OK, here's all the Lancome Juicy Tubes separately. Poop-loads I know.
Clearing away after my impromptu photo-shoot, I found a rather shy Clinique gloss who had evaded the camera thus-far; perhaps refusing to be photographed with her companions in order to gain a solo-portrait- naughty, diva Superbalm! Your wish is my command...


  1. I NEED THIS STASH!! hahaha!

  2. What a great stash. I have real problems wearing lipgloss as it seems to attract my hair to it. Any tips?

  3. Juicy Tube heaven! I don't have many tube glosses, I prefer ones with a wand, but I do have two sample Juicy Tubes and like them :)

  4. Oh My Goodness, that is one amazing lip gloss collection :O I love it! :) xx


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