Sunday, 4 March 2012

Small Primark Haul

I have a rather long list of posts I need to get through. The majority of which, I've already taken the photos, I just need to do the boring bit and write the post and/or edit the pics. I'll slowly get through them though! This little Primark haul was from the beginning of February or maybe even January. I've been a little disappointed with Primark lately, the shop is just filled with sale/old stock and they rarely get the newer items I'm looking for. Plus Primark is just a stressful shopping experience isn't it? Whenever I'm in there's screaming kids, long queues, groups of teenagers, clothes strewn everywhere, too many people and the last two occasions their heating was broken, so it was colder inside than out. Have you ever seen that episode of ER when Dr Corday has returned from London and she's in the lift and it's all peaceful and calm then the doors open in the emergency room and it's utter chaos? That's exactly how I feel when I get in the lift, quiet then chaos! Anyhow, I picked up a few bits and bobs and as I mentioned last week I bought nothing at all from my latest trip.

Primark PJ's are ace. They are cheap, there's tonnes to choose from and they are mega comfy. Unfortunately for my big boobies, they rarely fit or look decent in the tops that accompany the bottoms, so I tend to buy vests from the regular clothing line which have more support. Their bottoms are around £5 or £6 and I got navy flowery, black polka dot and floral flannel pairs.
I had spotted a couple of Lady Gaga t-shirts which aren't really my style for wearing daytime, but would make appropriate jammie tops. I think they were around £8 and are licensed, hence the slightly more expensive (for Primark) price. As my Mum would say though "you could spit peas through them" so they work better for me with a vest worn underneath. I picked up a couple of their non-seam ones for around £3 each in pink and cream. I noticed last time I was in, they now have a Rihanna t-shirt (but I didn't like the shape of the sleeves) and a Jessie J one. I absolutely lived in my Gaga t-shirt the other week, it was ridiculous. I just wanted to wear it every day...and did!
As for dresses, there weren't all that many to choose from that I liked or didn't already have. They had loads of their summer dresses for a fiver; this floral one was the only in my size. I ended up returning it though because the neckline didn't sit right. I also got this bird print dress with peter pan collar. I wasn't sure it really did anything for me and squished my boobs a bit, so I was going to return that too. However my Mum loves it so much she's decided to keep it, despite it not fitting her just now. I can't believe I've got to that age where I share clothes and taste with my mother!
I picked up a few rings, all at £2 each.  I'm finding either my fingers are getting smaller or their rings are more generously sized, because M's fit me now and I've always had rather large fingers.
I got a few necklaces. It's ridiculous how many bird-cage pendants I own, but I assure you they are all different! This one is shorter and the little birdy is outside the pink cage. Cute for £2.
A large black swan necklace reduced to £2...
and a jewelled rocking horse also half price at £2.
You know I love these little scarves, so I was excited to see a new print. They come in a pack of two for £2-3 and this particular print is a vintage bird and postcard design in pale blue and red. They are mega cute!
Finally I bought a necklace for my friend in Debenhams and couldn't resist getting this one for myself. It was £12 reduced to £6 but went through the till at £3.60 or some odd amount! Not bad!


  1. Oooh, I always love your Primark hauls! I thought of you when I went into my local one on Saturday as they had the car-print skirt! You know the print you posted about ages ago. I am on a shopping ban currently (ahrgh, was TOTAL torture in Primark on SAturday searching for something for someone) and I really liked that bird dress! Plus they had an amazing dalmation print top- so cute! Anyway, did you buy the car-print skirt as they had them in mine in the size that I think you've said in a previous post you wore from there? (Much as I wanted one, I couldn't. Humph!)

    I can't believe that they have the sapphire look ring now! I totally needed that for my Kate Middleton engagement dress costume I wore for Dress up day at school! Hmmmm, how can I persuade my boyfriend to buy it for me to circumvent the ban...
    Lovely buys- I enjoyed living vicariously through you!

  2. Ooo I am absolutely in love with the scarves, so so pretty! Great haul :)

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