Sunday, 4 March 2012

Soap & Glory Haul: Limited Edition Righteous Butter

I mentioned that I placed an order with Boots the other week. I'd been instore to check out a few things but had really wanted the new 'Limited Edition' 1 Litre tub of Soap & Glory's Righteous Butter, which was only available online.
I'll do a separate post on the Lancome stuff I got, but here's the S&G. It was 3 for 2 and although the body cream was £25 and there's nothing else at that price level, I still wanted to take advantage of getting something free, especially as there were items I needed.
I'd completely run out of Night (In Shining Armour) Cream £13-can't tell you how many jars of this I've gone through and I was also part way through yet another cycle of Wish Upon A Jar £15 (been using it for 18 months and on my third jar), so they seemed like obvious choices to purchase. I really should take the time to write more reviews for the S&G stuff I use, as I've tried almost everything from the brand.  The Righteous Butter isn't my favourite S&G lotion, I will always love Butter Up deluxe body cream (in the blue tube) that is now discontinued, sob, sob. It was without a doubt my all-time favourite body moisturiser from any brand. However, I am currently using a rather large jar of RB and getting on fine with it.
Make no mistakes though, this 1L version is ginormous. Humongous, massivo, haaaauge. It makes my current (rather large) jar look like a mini travel size! Technically speaking it's over 3x the size of the regular jar and at £25 compared to £10.50, it's a pretty good deal. Not only is it a novelty to own such a large tub, but it's also extremely limited and only 2000 have been made (and that makes me want it all the more).
If that's not enough for you, it also contains diamond dust. Did someone say 'sparkle'? As much as I love sparkles, I was a little concerned that it would be full-on glitter and therefore not for use every day, before putting on clothing and more like a 'use for special occasions only' type thing. It's not at all, the glitter is very sporadic and subtle as you can see from my swatch. You don't even really notice it in the jar.
I'm loving using it so far and also every person that buys one and puts their photo (with the jar) up on the S&G Facebook page, wins a Sexy Mother Pucker gloss! Fantabulous! I've already uploaded mine, but not got the gloss yet (will show you when I do).  I've actually been wearing SMP quite a bit this past week as I have tonnes of tubes I need to use up.  It really stings, but in a perverse way I like that.  Will you be tempted to snap up this limited lotion or have you taken advantage of Boots current 3 for 2 on S&G products? Let me know your favourites or if there's something you'd like me to review.

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  1. What a huge container! Looks lovely.
    I find SMP lipgloss stings so badly! I can see why some may get a kick out of it though ;) I'm halfway through a pack of the facewipes which I'm not blown away by, but I really liked Calm One Calm All as a bubble bath.


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