Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New Irregular Choice Shoes

Hello chickadees! I am proud to say I struck another 3 items off my Irregular Choice Autumn/Winter wishlist from last year. Letsbuyshoes have an amazing selection of last season stock just now and I seem to be placing orders with them every week!
My most recent order arrived yesterday and I immediately set about taking a few pics on my phone because I  was tres excited (and yes, that's my jammies that you may just spot). First up is 'Carnaby Bond' ankle boots which I wore today, check out the outfit here. I absolutely adore the shape of these, love them. They make your ankles look mega skinny and have that old school Vivienne Westwood/Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita'/Charles Anastase 'Dungeon' boot type of vibe going on and I heart that. The fringes can be taken off and you can see my description on The Shoe Girl Diaries of how hard it was to lace these up today (literally took 20 minutes), but I can forgive that because they look so hot. They are the type of boot that would go with anything and I'm sure I'll wear loads.
I continue with the chunky 70's theme, for these Jelly And Ice-Cream platforms. I'm not a huge fan of 70's fashion in all honesty, yet I've grabbed both these pairs and the Petrisha and Pat's Picnic which all have that similar shape. I was not prepared for the massive-ness of these, the flower is huuuge and just in general the shoe seems ginormous! They hurt like hell to get on, even although I bought a size larger and they have an elasticated split in the side. I just kept pushing my foot in, even although it hurt and once on they are fine (it's just getting into them).
Finally the t-bar style similar to Can't Touch This from summer which I own in two colours; 'Smooch' feature an ice-cream sundae on the t-bar, cuteness! They were produced in several colours, but I loved the pearly colour on this pair.
I can't believe I bought three pairs of black shoes from IC, how did that happen?  They are known for their colour and prints! They are fab additions to my collection anyway.  I think I have to stop with the AW stuff now and I think I managed to get everything I desperately wanted.  If you have any spare money just now, I would highly recommend the Toad In The Hole boots (I could live in mine), which are a very reasonable £79.50 (sizes 36, 38-41, just go for your regular size) or The Beast available in 2 colours at only £59.50 (again go for your regular size), I'm seriously wondering if I could justify buying the black pair as a sort of 'back-up'!


  1. Love the shoes - what is the fit like for the Carnaby Bond? I want them but it seems like you have to go up a size in the other shoes of that style (like Jelly and Ice Creanm/ Petrisha).

    What was your experience? Thanks, x

  2. Okay just read TSGD which answered my question! x

  3. thanks for the heads up! I just ordered the Irregular Choice Cookie Crumbles and the Irregular Choice Smooch heels :))) am now officially broke!


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