Saturday, 16 May 2009

Review: Lancome Baume Eclat

I have this gigantic box in my room, which I call 'my own little Boots'. It is filled with everything you would find in Boots. Back-ups of beloved items, new things I bought to try out, skincare, haircare and loads of gwp and trial sized products. I buy lots of Lancome cosmetics, so often get their gwp (gift with purchase) items. I recently finished a bottle of No7 cleanser (my usual staple) and thought I'd try out one of my Lancome gwp cleansers, Baume Eclat. I was AMAZED with the results, absolutely 100% for this product, so let me tell you about it.

It comes in a tube and is quite a thick cream, so it's easy to squeeze out just the right amount. It is actually very pretty to look at in your hand, as it has an extremely pearlised finish to it, it has a lovely scent as well. Apply to a dry face, massaging gently all over-this is where the magic begins. The thick cream transforms into an oil and just feels so luxurious against your skin. You can almost feel it dissolving the makeup off your face. It easily rinses off and your skin feels very smooth and I'd say 'energized', almost like you've just had a facial. Now I haven't got to the most amazing part yet.
When wearing makeup, do you sometimes cleanse, then use toner and notice your cleanser doesn't quite take off all your makeup? No matter what cleanser I use, I always find the cotton wool pads (I use for toner) covered in residue foundation. Well, I kid you not, there is absolutely no makeup or dirt left on your skin, nothing. It's the first time I've ever found this, the cotton wool pad is still white! I wanted to take pictures for you to illustrate the difference, but thought that was a bit yucky!

This cleanser can also take off eye makeup including waterproof mascara. Now I always use a seperate eye makeup remover and prefer to, but I decided to give this a go. It's very messy and you look like a panda during the process, with black all over your eyes, but again-it rinses off easily and does indeed remove all makeup.

I have finished the little tube I had and I must admit, I am tired of using my usual cleanser now. I really can't wait to finish the bottle, so I can go and buy the Lancome one. It comes in a 125ml tube and retails for £18.50, which is at least double what I would normally pay for a cleanser. However, it is well worth it in my opinion. I feel like my skin was so clean that I could skip using toner and would probably even get into the habit of using Baume Eclat to take off my eye makeup too, thus saving money. Never before have I been so ecstatically happy with a skincare product, there is no downside.

I'd also like to add that I have developed acne prone skin in recent years and am very sensitive to using new skincare and makeup, but had no problems with this item. In fact my skin has starting playing up again, now that I have stopped using it. A definite 5-star product, I thoroughly recommend it.

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