Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sun and Stila

Another lovely day and I have the house to myself, yay! I'm going to spend it taking and editing lots of pictures after I've recharged my camera battery! PHP, looking sunny again!I must quickly tell you about the new Stila stuff at Beauty Spot Cosmetics. They got stock yesterday of the cheek colour pans and by last night, over 80% of the stock had gone. Even by the time I logged on around 11am yesterday, many colours were already sold out. There are very few shades left, but they are an incredible £2.95 (rrp £11) and if you purchase 4 or more, you receive the mirrored compact to put them in, for free! So, a big bargain. I ordered Cream, Electric, Cozy and Blush.

Today I got an email to say they now had the eyeshadow pans. £2.95 (rrp £11) each and a free compact with 6 or more shadows. Again, lots of shades had gone by the time I looked, but they do have over 60 colours to choose from, so there is still ample stock if you're quick. This time I ordered Twilight, Evergreen, Cha Cha, Poppy, Wisteria and Slate and also decided to get more cheek colours; Bud, Delicate, Tutu and Heat. That whole lot (minus delivery charges), comes to just over £41 for 6 e/s, 8 blush and 3 compacts, which is pretty darn good. Expect lots of pictures when I get them-although I seem to have a major backlog of cosmetics awaiting to be photographed!

Wasn't Britain's Got Talent fantastic last night? I'm so pleased Diversity won, as Su-Bo definitely has a career out of it, regardless of the outcome. I have no idea how anyone could choose between Flawless and Diversity though. My sister loves Diversity, but isn't so keen on Flawless which I can't understand. Both groups were absolutely amazing, totally unique, inspiring, talented and flawless-nobody put a foot wrong. What are we going to watch on the telly now though?

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