Saturday, 30 May 2009

Peplum Dresses & Fabulous Heels

Pink Haired Princess in the sun!It's a gorgeous day today, blue skies and very warm! This is me, looking rather dishevelled after eating lunch outside. Although it's hot, it's windy, so I had to hold onto my Pom Bears as they flew off my plate! My sister went shopping, so I gave her a list for Boots and she got me everything and more, lots of freebies, so I'll post about them soon with pics. I've also taken pictures of my Stila IT Glosses and swatched all of them, so that will be up next week. You may have guessed from that, that I've finally figured out how to upload and edit photos from my new camera, thank goodness!
Peacock Peplum DressesI'm loving peplum dresses just now. Although in general I'm not too keen on the 80's trend for myself, I think I like the bits that I didn't get to wear first time around! These shifts are from Peacocks for a fantastic £22 and come in 5 different colours, all with exposed zip at the back.
Yoox ShoesAlso, can anyone ID these sandals for me? I saw them on the shoe homepage on Yoox, but when you click on the banner it doesn't take you to the item. I've looked through over 900 pairs of sandals and still can't find them. I contacted Yoox and although they were quick to reply, they didn't have a clue what I was talking about. It's driving me nuts and I really want them (if they are within my budget of course). You can almost see the brand label, but my eyesight won't quite make it out. Looks like one smallish word though.

*update: I contacted Yoox again, with a picture this time. This is the reply "We are unfortunately unable to locate the shoes portrayed in the picture. It is possible that the product is currently available, therefore we invite you to search our high-heeled sandals category. You may find exactly what you were looking for, or another similar item to your liking." Aaaah, I've already looked at the 936 pairs of black high heeled sandals and not found them! Any help would be greatly appreciated.*
*update2, the shoes are infact Miu Miu...they didn't even have them available for purchase until a few weeks after they posted the image, problem solved*

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