Monday, 25 May 2009

Office vs Linzi Shoes

Linzi Shoes have added many new styles lately and I noticed some were quite similar to Office. I haven't seen all the pairs in real life so cannot comment on the quality or likeness, other than from the images on the websites. Please also note the difference in size between the close-up shots of the Office (larger) and Linzi pairs and don't let this put you off looking at the actual details (it's just a difference in proportions due to image size). The Office shoes are shown on the left and Linzi on the right in all pictures.
These 'Party the Night Away' shoes from Office are mega fabulous. I've made no secret of how much I love them, but it wasn't until last week that I saw the brown pair in real life and realised that the platform sole is a polished wood-effect. Even more gorgeous than I knew!
Office £85, platform 4cm, heel 14cm, available in brown croc, black croc, pink patent or gold metallic (£55, not shown).
Linzi: £50 now (although they were £45 on Saturday?) platform 5cm, heel 15cm, available in brown croc or black croc.
Latin Lover, an embellished gladiator sandal. I would say the main difference in these two is the heel. The Office pair feature a very curved heel and although the difference in height is very slight, it is noticeable (although it may be the angle of the picture). The Linzi pairs don't have the same worn-in 'tribal' vibe, however the variance in price is significant. The Linzi pair do feature almost identical placement of studs and trims to Office.
Office: £80, 8.5cm heel, available in black or tan.
Linzi: £35, 8cm heel, available in black or white.
There's a big difference in the materials used for these pairs, but the overall shape is pretty spot-on.
Office: £85, heel 13cm, platform 4cm, available in black or grey snake effect or taupe suede.
Linzi: £30, heel 13cm, platform 3cm, available in black patent.
The Office 'Pegasus' pair feature a more slender heel and have an overall curved appearance, the Linzi pair also have a wider peep-toe front.
Office: £85, heel 12.5cm, platform 2.5cm, black, multi or purple patent, red patent (£80)
Linzi: £30, heel 12cm, platform 2.5cm, black patent.
Hopefully this comparison article has helped you decide if you want to splash the cash on an expensive pair or perhaps save or buy a couple of cheaper pairs!

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