Thursday, 28 May 2009

ER, birthdays and photos

I am almost winning the war against technology. With a lot of frustration and tears and general tantrums with the wish to throw things, I have eventually managed to upload photos to the computer. Yay! I have some pics of my brithday outfit from Sunday, when I went out to lunch with my friend. I got lots of lovely things (yes even the naughty camera) and am ignoring the fact that I'm a year closer to 3....0!

*update: I have pics of the b'day outfit (dress-Dorothy Perkins, leggings and cardi-?, pearls-Primark, shoes-Miu Miu, clutch-Mikey, bangles-gift from my friend and pearl bracelets-Primark, rings-various, satin bow hairclips-Primark). I think my lips are MAC Creme d'Nude lipstick with a Lancome CF gloss over the top-but I can't be sure*The Birthday girl!Mikey clutchfloral dressMiu Miu sandalsMiu Miu sandals*some of the images may look a bit speckled, as my camera uploads them to a massive size. When I resize it, sometimes it looks really grainy, so I'm editing that a little too. An American tourist came up to me in the restaurant and said that she loved my outfit and my whole look, which I thought was really sweet. Others just stared!*
Tonight is my ER telly night, the last EVER. I have already been crying at the trailers (seriously!) and find myself switching to More4/E4 at any given time, in the hope of catching the advert again (sad I know!). I was seething, absolutely seething, when I noticed beeatch Thandie Newton was coming back! Aaargh, I'm Carby through and through and hated her character. The writing has never put her in a favourable light and I hate Carter when he is with her (and I don't want to hate him).

This means I will miss tonights Britains Got Talent semi-final, as I'll be watching ER ALL night, definitely worth it though!

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