Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Pick Me Up

I felt terrible yesterday, not only was I suffering from the weekend, but I had period pains, a headache and toothache! In general though I haven't been feeling my best for weeks. The doctor has started me on Benzoyl Peroxide for my acne, so my skin is dry and flaky, making wearing make-up to disguise it, really difficult. My hair needs done but I have a wedding in 3 weeks and might as well re-do it just beforehand. So it's looking kinda shabby just now. Also this no-buy is slowly killing me. I'm finding it hard looking without purchasing and I miss the little thrill of a parcel arriving for you each day.

Anyway today I decided I needed a little pick me up. It's actually very sunny and about 15 degrees outside (warm for Scotland), it finally feels like Spring is here. I just got back from a short walk and wore items that would make me feel good.

I did my makeup as actually worked pretty well. I'll give you details on what I used another day. I also took inspiration using a large print scarf to hide my roots. You need a long scarf to do this, but place it flat on your head and bring the length to the back, either twist or tie the two pieces at the nape of your neck, so the scarf is taught and flat on your head. Twist the long bits seperately then bring up onto the top of your head (in the centre of the flat scarf) and tuck the ends in, voila! You can either hide all your hair or have a low ponytail sticking out or I piled my hair onto the top of my head in a bun.

I wore a brocade shift dress, high-shine leggings and my most worn pair of shoes just now, the Primark studded heels. Seriously, I can see why people paid double the price for these on ebay. Not only do they look like designer, but they make you feel like you are wearing gorgeous, expensive shoes. That may sound shallow, but they really do make you feel happy and carry yourself more confidently. I also slipped on my black Primark mac. Another little gem, what did I wear before this? It's gives me a tiny waist, yet is so full in the skirt, you feel so glamorous. It's amazing. I put on my little gold, shimmery driving gloves and off I went. Yes, all the neighbours were staring, but what's new?!

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