Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hello Kitty MAC Haul Swatch Pics

hello kitty mac haul boxesYay, I did it! Here are the Hello Kitty product photos. The packaging is black boxes with small white kitty head outlines and white and pink writing. The inside of the boxes have the grey swirl pattern. The compacts have pink glitter in the black casing. My sister also bought the keyring and vinyl toy, which I have not photographed. Hello Kitty is available to buy from MAC on Thursday 5th March. hello kitty mac lipstick imprinthello kitty mac lipstick and lipgloss swatchesEach lipstick has the kitty head imprinted onto it, which is so cute. The casing is high-shine, which I like and the logo is not a (Fafi) cover or easy to wreck like Dame Edna. Cut-ster looks bright in the tube but is quite sheer with sparkles in it which I tried to capture, while Fashion Mews was more pink than I imagined. Fresh Brew from the regular line will not be for everyone as it has a very greyish tone to it. hello kitty mac lipstickshello kitty mac fresh brew lipstickhello kitty mac cute-ster lipstick detailmac hello kitty lipsticksmac hello kitty liptick case closedmac hello kitty cute-ster lipstickmac hello kitty fashion mews lipstickmac hello kitty fresh brew lipstickThe lipglass are very sheer. Fast Friends has a hint of purpley pink to it, so is actually very wearable. All have sparkles to them, although She Loves Candy is most pigmented and most sparkly. I was worried that Mimmy was too bright coral for me, but again because it's sheer, it's only a hint of colour and actually more peachy nude. mac hello kitty lipglass swatchesmac hello kitty lipglassmac hello kitty lipglassI swithered with whether or not to get this Too Dolly eye quad. Whilst I love all 4 colours in it, they are probably easy to duplicate, even the Heatherette Trio 1 is very similar. The actual size of this palette is smaller than I expected (really narrow) and it contains a full length mirror inside.hello kitty mac too dolly eye quadhello kitty mac too dolly eye quadhello kitty mac too dolly eye quadhello kitty mac too dolly eye quadI didn't really need this Beauty Powder either, but wanted it for the compact. This feels less heavy than the usual BP compacts and isn't of as good quality I'd say. It's really annoying that the Kitty logo is slightly squint, although it's supposed to look like that (the blush are too). It does contain a mirror inside and although the repromote of Pretty Baby is nothing special (quite sheer and no shimmer), it's still worth purchasing. mac hello kitty beauty powder and beauty powder blushmac hello kitty beauty powder and beauty powder blushThe Beauty Powder Blush colours in this collection are gorgeous. Although Tippy (pink) looks similar to Fafi Fashion Frenzy in the pan, from the swatches I've seen, it isnt. Fun & Games has a lovely golden shimmer to it.
As I mentioned, I was trying to be sensible with my purchases, so I didn't buy the funky nail polishes. I already own a Barry M grey and many bright pinks, so left On The Prowl and Something About Pink. hello kitty mac balloon
Usually I would snap up the glitter eyeliners, but they didn't have special HK packaging and I have a zillion (NYX, C2000, Urban Decay, Too Faced) other glittery liners. Girl Groove is the standout one for me though, white with a really bright turquoise glitter through it. hello kitty mac balloonThe glitter, pigment (both normal packaging) and lip conditioners (black lid with kitty head) didn't interest me.
As I've said, there are a variety of accessories available with this line. A tote bag, makeup bags, keyring, mirror, brush set, toy and the beaded bracelet that I got. There are 3 charms on it, full length Kitty, Kitty head and a Kitty medallion. It's really chunky, but although it's elasticated it's just a little too small for me. mac hello kitty charm braceletmac hello kitty charmmac hello kitty medallion charm

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  1. Pink and proud, go girl! I love some of these accessories, so thanks for sharing them.


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