Tuesday, 10 March 2009

'Fairy' Unlikely

As I've mentioned before my cousin is getting married in April and it is fast approaching and I still have nothing to wear. I'm also still on my no-buy, so even if I did see something-I couldn't buy it. However, I think it's fairly unlikely that I'll be ordering any of these dresses by Christopher Kane when I have money. I would definitey have to be thinner and considerably richer, then I'd be buying them for sure. The detailing on these dresses is amazing, like real-life flower fairy gowns. Nude colours, scalloped edges and oodles of volume, perfect wedding attire, I adore them! (above sheer dress with scallops £1890 Browns, below leather wire dress £2665, scalloped silk dress £2735, scalloped detail dress £3855, all Net-a-Porter).

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