Thursday, 5 March 2009

MAC Lip Stash Images

I finally figured out how to enlarge images on this blog. I always wondered why my images didn't open bigger when clicked. Unfortunately you have to use html and I'm a little scared of also takes me much longer than just uploading the images normally and dragging them to where I want to place them.

However for the likes of these type of posts where you need to view close-up, it's brilliant. Here as promised is a look at my MAC lip stash. I seriously underestimated how much I have. I thought I owned around 20-25 lipsticks, when it's actually over 50! I also have 44 glosses.

This little lot is just a taster, I took many more pictures which show the lipsticks in detail, but I'll upload them later. I have labelled all the glosses and lipsticks. Lipstick finishes are also noted, c/s=cremesheen, g=glaze, f=frost, a-amplified, s=satin, l=lustre, m=matte. The first 2 images are lipsticks in 2 batches (sorry I couldn't have put them in a better colour order, but that really would have taken forever). Then lipglasses with the last image containing dazzleglasses unless otherwise noted. Much better pics to follow later today!
mac lipsticks stash 1mac lipsticks stash 2mac lipglass stashmac dazzleglass stash

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