Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Just back from the dentist. Good and bad news. Have a temporary filling just now until she does some root work (nice!) in a couple of weeks. My mouth feels huge and all tingly (euch, hate the jag), but hopefully I'll be over the worst pain for now and can actually start eating again.

I had a semi-successful day shopping yesterday. I managed to pick up a beautiful dress for the wedding. It's black and very vintage looking. It reminds me of the pewter Armani Prive gown Heidi Klum wore to the Screen Actors Guild Awards (?) this year. It's layered with what looks like a little cape over it with small diamante detail (I'll try and take pictures later this week). It's very classic anyway and I'm sure I'll get lots of wear out of it. I just need to decide which shoes now!

I was very proud of myself for resisting patent frill t-bar wedges by Steve Madden in TKMaxx for £29.99. Available in black or ivory. The also had lovely bronze or black gladiators (similar to the SATC Dior ones), also by Madden for £39.99. Seeing as I'm still on a no-buy, I decided against purchasing. I did however allow myself 2 pearl hairbands from the kids department of H&M, one in pale pink, one pale lime green with velvet bows attached (very Hello Kitty) for £1.99 each.

I looked in Primark for the floral bow shift dress, but couldn't see it-yet eBay have loads so they must be available in some stores. Gah, maybe it will be like the studded sandals which my local got 6 months after everywhere else.


  1. I've just come across your blog, and am slowly working my way through the archives. I love your style. Your dress for the wedding sounds cool - I'm currently looking for dresses for two weddings and it's a serious headache. Anyway just saying hi!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment, glad you are liking my blog : )

    I hope you are successful wedding-outfit shopping...I actually found it quite difficult. Most dresses that I looked at (I liked the shape and print) but they were strapless which isn't a style I can get away with.

  3. Same here, although I may have to resort to strapless with a cardigan because that's all I seem to come across at the moment. I've also got it into my head that I want a grey outfit, which may not be helping the search...I'll have to keep a more open mind :)


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