Wednesday, 4 March 2009

MAC Lip Stash

I still consider myself a 'newcomer' to MAC cosmetics. I've told you before that my first major haul from the brand was the Barbie launch back in 2007. Since then though, I have accumulated a hell of a MAC loot! A quick look at my (online only) orders in that time, reveals that I've spent £1553. Wowza! Anyway, I have noticed lately that I have several hauls that are waiting to be photographed/used/put away. soap & glory makeup bagmac lipsticks in caseI usually keep my MAC lipsticks in this fabulous Soap & Glory bag. It's quite big and flat so can store lots of lipsticks (boxed or otherwise) side by side, with easy access and it has just been the perfect size for them. I keep my lipglosses seperately in this Pout makeup bag. It can be harder to find the correct shade you're after as you tend to just opt for those near the top, but it keeps them altogether nonetheless. pout makeup bag with mac lipglasspout makeup bag closedHowever these pictures that I took this morning show that both are full to capacity. Plus I have this....a box filled with yet more lipgloss and lipsticks that need a home. I'm definitely going to have to rethink my storage to accomodate all these new ones. new mac lipgloss and lipsticksSeeing as I have all these items ready to be photographed, how do you fancy a few pics of my MAC lip stash later today?

*Please note this is only my MAC lip products, I have tonnes of other brands that are mostly contained in plastic drawer storage units*

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  1. cool blog! I love looking at your collection. That's a lotta lippies! I have about 35 lipsticks and 17 lipglass things and I think I have way too much lol.


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